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Thread: The first thing you wore out...

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    Apr 2012
    central florida usa
    not yet.
    more like it never !!
    i am "content" with just undies and bra.

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    Hi Gurls, newbe here, I went to the park last year wearing, black 6 strap garter belt, black thong, black shelf bra, black opera length gloves, black 4 inch platform heels, black choker, and white stockings on a dare from wife. Took a few pics, looked up and saw a woman looking at me. Holy
    _rap ! Our eyes meet before I ducked under cover. Funny now ,what that poor woman must have been thinking! Wife got a big kick out of it, me not so much. Thats the first thing I wore out, maybe the last!

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    As a 'joke' it was a Halloween party with friends 10 long years ago with my wife (to-be) who looked much better as the pimp than I did.

    The outfit with the orange top is when I managed to sneak out the door all the way to the gas station and back for the first time.

    The outfit for my first time out to go interact with other people is in this thread


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    I wore this pleated green, blue and black skirt, maybe this same top and some low heels, which I stumbled in all night. I went out with two ladies from this site, WindyCissy and RobertaFermina (who is never around anymore). We went out to a restaurant in San Francisco and then to Divas. Divas was dead, so we went across the street to the Lush Bar and just talked and I flirted with the female bartender. What a wonderful memory! I like the skirt so much, I have gone out in it several times since that grand moment 5 years ago.

    PS: This pic is about 3 years old. I look much younger now!
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    I wore my sister's cheerleading uniform to a Halloween Party. I was in the 6th grade. I had a great time and I still have the pictures.

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    Black slacks, 2" black heels, ivory cable knit cowl neck sweater, and a black trench coat. It was several years ago on Halloween. I wore it to Hana Designs in Denver for a makeover and to buy a wig. I walked out in a cute blonde "bob". I drove home and walked in to my house. My wife was shocked by the way I looked. She told me she would have never recognized me on the street.

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    I saw this thread when it first came out an for the life of me I cant rememeber what the first thing was ,,,, I rememeber the first thing I tryed but not the first thing I went out in ? Been racking my brain ,,,Nothing ??? Maybe it will come back Im getting old or I have dressed to long to know ?
    Yull Find Out !!! lol,,,,

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