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Thread: Crossdressing is everywhere!

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    Crossdressing is everywhere!

    So I've been going through a strange period of time lately where I'm seeing crossdressing cropping up somewhere in my life at least once per day - and not when I come onto this forum!

    On facebook, for instance, several times in the last couple of weeks i'll see a photo of some guy I don't know (the wonders of facebook...) wearing a dress or a skirt for whatever reason. These sorts of pictures generally get lots of comments which means they rise to the top of the news feed and I get to see them. I also 'like' George Takei, which means I get to see regular 'funnies' from him each day. One of these involved a texting conversation where a guy had made the 'crosscounty' varsity team and his phone had corrected it to 'crossdressing'!

    Then there are the TV shows I watch. In a recent episode of bones a truck driver had the awkward situation of explaining to the FBI that panties found in his truck's glove compartment were, in fact, his. The most recent episode of how i met your mother saw Ted accepting Barney's challenge to try and get a girl's number whilst wearing a dress. Even the big bang theory did it, in the episode 'The Hawking Excitation' (don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, though...)

    All this during a time where crossdressing has been more on my mind than ever (perhaps that's why i'm noticing these things and writing a thread about it now). I wonder which friend-of-a-friend will be crossdressing on my news feed tomorrow!

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    I agree it even made Doctors last week.
    Hugs & Kisses

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    Evidently that is irrelevant
    It does seem to come up fairly regularly. I think its because there are only so many story lines and the even more vast wasteland of the 21st century electronic media ends up recycling storylines for frequently than ever!

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    I agree, it does seem to be in a lot of places I go! I was reading an article about a crossdressing Squirrel called Tommy Tucker who was used to sell war bonds in the 1940's!

    See links

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    Crossdressing is a theme in many comic strips as well. There have been a great many in recent years, but it also goes way back to Dagwood Bumstead frequently being forced to stand on a chair wearing one of Blondie's dresses while she hems it. I remember these from my childhood in the 1940's. I has also occured in many of the old cartoons, including Bugs Bunny and many others.


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