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Thread: Have you ever been caught cross dressing?

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    Never been found in a potentially embarrassing situation, but I'm pretty sure my 17 year old daughter has probably worked it out? My female clothes hang along side my male clothes. My wifes stuff is at the other end of the wardrobe, so I guess it wouldn't take much to work out that the women's clothes hanging on my side have NEVER been worn by her mum

    I know she'll be cool about it, so no worries.

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    I've written about the first person to know about me, but recently I went out to an outing in a nice cream blouse and a pair of strawberry jeans. I didn't know four pairs of eyes were on me.
    Until the next day.

    The next day, a Saturday morning, I'm on my morning bike ride.

    My neighbor's kid, 13-year old girl, comes up to me. She says. "Dude, you look hot when you're a girl. My mom could learn a lot from you."

    "Excuse me,"

    "The hot girl I see driving your car. I thought it was your girlfriend, and then I noticed. it's you. I think it's awesome and so does my mom. She's jealous of your legs."

    Then there was the negative neighbor who left a note on my car saying I was an "abomination", and I was "going to hell for your behavior".

    My downstairs neighbor is a cop, and he has brother, who is transitioning. We go to the same gym. His response, "Man, I was fooled. I have no problem with it." I found out later that the cop had a little chat with that particular neighbor. Seems leaving a nasty note on my car is defined as harassment under the state hate crimes law.
    I don't think I'll be getting any future notes.

    My other downstairs neighbor is a New York City chick, and she came up to me, too "That was you wasn't it?? Girl, you look good!"

    If there is one thing that surprises me is the amount of support and the number of people who just don't notice. I like that my neighbors for the most part are okay with it.

    Being "caught" wasn't so bad after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STACY B View Post
    Crap ,, It was the local news station doing an interview about some long haired fat guy in the nieghberhood suspected of wanting to be a lady ?? Lucky I was dressed an I told them no one around here like that ! Just us LADYS ,,, But sense your here let me sing a little song ,,, That ran em off ! Back th my threads ,,,
    LOL Stacy B you always have a great sense of humour
    I have a hubcap diamond star halo

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