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Thread: Have you ever shopped for shoes wearing pantyhose?

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    Feb 2010

    Have you ever shopped for shoes wearing pantyhose?

    I plan on shopping for a new pair of high heel sandals tonight and I am wearing my sheer pantyhose with my bright pink metallic, painted toe nails. Have you ever tried on a pair of high heels with a salesperson present wearing panty hose with painted nails? I am tired of wondering what people will think about me being in the so-called wrong genders department. I am a person with specific tastes in clothing and I plan on choosing what I want to wear without fear of doing so. Not so easy sometimes but I am getting better at it.

    Have a great day and happy shopping.

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    Long Isnad, NY BLACK STOCKINGS's Avatar
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    Shirley, Long Island, NY
    When I shop for shoes I always wear pantyhose/stockings under my jeans. Need to do this to get proper fit. No salesperson has ever said anything to me.
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    Me too. As Black Stockings said, "Need to do this to get proper fit."


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    in the sticks in middle tn.
    I always wear hose when shoe shopping. I will be wearing them with hose, so as Black Stockings said... it will assure a good fit.

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    Trust me if you shop for female shoes in male mode, nylons would be the last thing the clerk is gonna question. Of course I wear nylons or tights when shopping for shoe, it is the only way to get a proper fit. If you are concerned pick a store where there are less sales associates and just try them on yourself and no one will wonder.

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    I usually wear tights, except during the summer; they provide a way to get the proper fit for shoes. Besides most stores have those little disposable stocking-feet that work pretty well. If you are looking for a size 12-W shoe it is hard to obscure the fact that you are not a GG no matter your clothing choice at the moment. The simple laws of probability argue against GG.

    The stores really don't care, they want to sell shoes and your money is as good as any other shopper's.

    Enjoy life,

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    Trouble.. Yep thats me Beth Mays's Avatar
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    I agree with Sandra. A store is in the business of selling not policing WHO wears what.
    I wear a 12 as well and find that other than outlet stores they are hard to find local.
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    Um, no but I live in Florida where we can just about wear shorts every day of the year thank goodness. And I very rarely wear pantyhose except for a few times for Haloween.

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    I agree with Sanda an Beth, you can't shop for shoes without wearing nylons, you can't get the same fit with socks on and bare skin sticks to everthing. nylons make your feet slide in effortlessly if you have the right size.

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    Yes, I have worn nude nylon stockings under my slacks several times when buying shoes. Walmart more so than any other store. Only takes a few seconds to slip them on for a quick size check. It is a bit exciting I must admit, but I do worry that I may one day end up on the silly "People of Walmart" site. As I would bet that most of the strange people that end up on that site were caught by the store security cameras. have you ever seen anyone in Walmart walking around snapping pictures of the customers? I havent. But those pictures being taken by someone. My bet is the security cameras......

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    Just last weekend I went shopping for some shoes and I wore knee highs. And, as others have mentioned, it's kind of hard to hide the fact they are for you when you are looking for 12W shoes.

    Since then, I realized I was missing out on something. Knee highs are great!! Especially when in guy mode and you want to wear slippers or something but don't want to wear bulky socks.

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    What ya need to wear are Crocs ,,Then you can slip em off an on without any trouble ,,Thats what I used to do ,,Now I just wear sandles or flip flops or what ever I have ,,Then get one or two of those stockings from the store if its hot out an dont want to wear stockings to the store ,,But sometimes ya may want to try em on bare foot cuz it mite be a pair you dont want to wear stocking with or cant wear stockings with like something with a toe bar. So if ya got stockings on ya cant try on everything ,,,Get it ? Hey an all you gurls that say its weard to wear a 12 ,, They wouldn't make em if they didn't want us to buy em ? So shop onnnnnnn ,,Wait Ill get my purse ...
    Yull Find Out !!! lol,,,,

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    Central Jersey
    Always in stockings when shoe shopping....sweat socks just don't look right with strappy heels.
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    Always wear pantyhose when shopping for womens shoes. Even bought some male shoes once - when I got them home, they were too small with regular socks.

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    Lady By Choice Leslie Langford's Avatar
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    near Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    I do the same.

    Ironic, isn't it, that we CDers come well prepared and wear stockings or pantyhose even when shoe shopping in drab, and it is often the GG's who need to rely on the store-supplied footies to ensure the same proper fit when buying their own shoes.

    Just one more example of gender role reversal, which is the direction that society seems to be heading in these days. And it really starts to get absurd when we see GG's relying heavily on male hairstylists, fashion experts, and make up artists for advice and/or services. Then there are television shows like What Not to Wear and RuPauls Drag U. where we have seen examples of frumpily-dressed GG's being taught by drag queens how to dress stylishly and to walk in heels.

    It is often said that youth is wasted on the young. Sometimes I feel equally that femininity is wasted on some GG's.

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    Just a girl on a trip cyndigurl45's Avatar
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    I'm not big on nylons, I just slip them on bare foot
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    Yes I agree when I shope for shoes as welll I always have on pantyhose. Yes I see that as well, women will be in the shoe stores. And, will be useing the footies hose to try on their heels to make sure they fit good.

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    The times I shopped in person for shoes I wore the thinnest pair of black dress socks. Of course, this was a Halloween with the typical excuse of 'going in drag.' I probably did not fool anyone. I suspect a cross dresser may 'fool' a sales associate at Wal-Mart or Payless buying a pair for $20, but, you aren't going to fool anyone at Nordstrom buying a pair for $100. I have noticed many stores have boxes of disposal hosiery for try-ons that only cover the part of the foot that is inserted into the shoe. I am building up enough confidence that next Halloween I will probably buy another pair or two of properly fitting heels, and, along a pair of knee highs.

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    Pantyhose are a pain in the #$%. Knee-highs are great especially in drab.

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    I always wear Pantyhose a bra with breastforms when shopping.
    In winter I wear a jacket; and summer put the breastforms in my jacket
    pocket. If you end up trying on anything you should always have the
    Pantyhose and a bra with breastforms or you get a bad fit, or wish you
    had brought them along.

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    North Vancouver
    I almost always wear pantyhose so if i get a chance to shop I am ready, plus I keep my hip pads in the car so if I am going to try on pants/skirt I'm prepared.

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    You should always wear nylons when shopping and if you are barefoot the stores all have the little footy things to wear so you don't have bare feet in the shoes. I don't want to try on shoes that someone tried on with no stockings on, think of the possible fungis.
    I want to be this girl!

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    i always wear stockings when i am shopping for new shoes.

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    Will either have knee highs or thigh highs on. And Monday en drab but underdressed at Payless, it was a slow day, and the female SA homed in on me and stuck like glue. Ended up getting a sparkly wedge sandal. She brought me several different styles (and two sizes of each) and watched me try them on, with hose on, and had very supportive comments during my try ons. She was so sweet, and it was a wonderful trip, made even better with a pair of shoes.

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    more than once, I can tell you that the SA wont care about you wearing nylons

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