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Thread: Underdressing?

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    I only wear woman's underwear. My toe nails are painted and I wear ear rings 7/24. I do not under dress with a bra because the idea of wearing a bra without forms does not work for me. There are times that I wear a bra with forms to go out to get coffee or go to a store, but I wear a baggy jacket to hide them. Just for my enjoyment. Not to advertise.

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    I just wear under dressings panties girdles and stockings

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    I am going to pick up my first undergarments later today. My briefs are looking sad, and i no longer have any reason to replace them with more briefs.
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    Not only do I underdress, I wear womens tops, bottoms and shoes all the time.

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    No, I never underdress. I really don't like wearing panties that much (only wear them with a skirt or dress on) and I don't wear my bra underneath because the cups are fairly big and make me look like I have small breasts

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    I am always wearing panties. I put on a bra and forms when I am at home. Also I wear entire outfits, a wig and some make up too. Try to take it further you will like the way you look and feel, though it gets complicated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahcsc View Post
    Hey there pantyboy!

    I believe there are lots of us who loves to do just that. I used to be like you and was only comfortable in wearing undergarments. But then it slowly evolved over the years and I felt the need to dress up in full! Don't ask me where it came from, but it comes, boy does it come. You can't stop it. But you sound pretty normal to me.
    So true. I started the same way, probably around 14 or so actually buying my own panties and underdressing...gradually 'graduated' up to skirts, bras, tops, then the whole thing. Lingerie is where it all began though, and I still wear panties to work under my work attire, and stockings in the winter. As everyone has echoed, I'd prefer to go the whole way but beggars can't be choosers!

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    Odd man out here. [Literally] As usual. Never had any need or desire to "progress" or move on to other/more items when at home or going out.

    And, no two ways about, female underwear - some styles and fabrics at least - IS much more comfortable than male underwear for those folks who choose to wear undies.

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    I don't call it underdressing. I call it being more confortable. I wear panties 24/7. I don't own any male under pants any more. If I have to go to the doctor/hospital, they are going to see panties. It's alreay happended once. Emergency Room on the way to work. I lived and my closeted secret didn't get out. It was in March 2008 that I had to go to the Emergency Room. I figure after 4 years, what's the point.

    (In her purple with white poka dot thongs and matching bra)

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    Its not even a thought anymore!

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    I only wear panties now 24/7 and I wear a bra at least everyday now and if I can't wear a bra I feel uncomfortable. Most days though, I change out of my male clothing the second I come home as I just don't like male clothing anymore.

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    My problem is I overdress!
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