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Thread: For the first time ever, someone saw my legs and asked me if I shaved them.

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    For the first time ever, someone saw my legs and asked me if I shaved them.

    I started shaving like 15 months ago and have never made a point of hiding my legs. I thought no one would ever notice. Sods law though, I haven't shaved them in months. Trying to work on epilating but they're still quite hairy. They just look quite hairless because my hair is so fine and light.
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    I live on the west coast of FL.In the Tampa bay area and in Franklin NC
    I have never had anyone say anything about my shaved legs. I have had people stare at my legs but said nothing. So I will keep shaving and loving the feeling of smooth legs.

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    I have shaved my legs for so long it would feel strange to have hair there. Now I use Veet and I love it. And I don't care who likes or not this is my life baby. I do what makes me feel good sister!!
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    I was helping a long time friend remove an old tv antenna from his house just yesterday, and he said "wow, you have pretty legs!" We kid around all the time, so I'm not sure if he was referring to them being shaved or not. I replied by saying "you're only saying that because it's true!"
    I'm sure people notice, but so far I have only gotten indirect compliments; nothing negative. The main thing is that I like them much better shaved.
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    About a year after I started shaving my legs, 2 years ago, I was in a Bible study which I lead at church when, out of the blue, one of the other guys asked, "Do you shave your legs?" I stumbled for a second, and tried to keep us on topic when he blurted out, "They look so smooth! Do you shave your legs?" One of the other guys sensed my embarrassment and pushed a bit harder to get us back on topic. The topic of my legs was dropped.

    One of my duties in church the next day was running sound for both services. The sound board, where I sit, is right next to the organ console. Our organist is a sweet lady who's father left the Southern Baptist Church as a Pastor because he thought it was too liberal. She has a degree from one of the most conservative Bible colleges in the country, but she is one of the most liberal persons at our liberal Presbyterian church in a liberal college town. Her husband is in the Bible study that I was leading the day before. She came over to the sound board to throw a kleenex in the garbage can that lives underneith, glanced down at my legs (I was wearing shorts), and and tried to conceal her half smile. But she never said anything about it.

    Our Pastor knows that I'm transgendered, and is supportive, but there are very few others in the congregation that know. As far as he and I know, no one in the church has mentioned my legs since. The same thing goes for my hair, slightly longer than shoulder length, and my pierced ears.
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    I've been shaving my legs on and off for years. On many occasions I've been asked if I shave my legs and I confirm that I do. The next response is always "Why?" to which I reply "Because I like the feel of my legs shaved." Next question, if it goes any further is "How do you know / why did you shave them the first time to find out you like the feel?" to which I can honestly respond "It was due to my cycling as a teenager. Cuts and scars are easier to manage without hair on your legs". That usually closes the questioning unless I can talk them into trying it themselves! Now shaved arms - thats another story!

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    Born in Quebec, lived most of life in small town Central Ontario.
    If asked, I would just say I don't find looking like a gorilla acceptable.

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    I shave both my arms and legs, really a hairy bear if I don't. I have been asked by people who have known me all life, do you shave your legs? And I say yes....I hate looking like a bear and just choose not to. I wonder what they would say if I said...Hairy legs and a dress just do not look good together...LOL. I think I'll try that if ever asked again.

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    while camping this weekend my older brother asked me and I chickened out buy telling him I was training for a bodybuilding comp. He was worried I had dieabeties he never said another word so I am not sure wheather he cared we still partied all weekend together so I guess he just left it go.

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    I shave my arms, legs, and chest (although I don't have much hair on my chest).

    I guess people don't really notice I shave my legs shaved since I wear denim skirts instead of shorts!

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