Cosplay, dressing up as a specific identifiable person (likely fictional).

Just curious. I think my current obsession is not so much to dress up as just me as female, but to cosplay as the females I particularly love.

I want so bad to go to Anime North as Sailor Moon. I want the whole outfit to be perfect.

I also love Hatsune Miku, and man I want so bad to not try to fret over the skirt length. Her actual skirt is not very long, just about any pose other than standing up straight offers a flash of panties. I WANT to torment the boys.

I also like Megurine Luka (also a vocaloid like Miku). Love that outfit of hers.

All the other outfits are just common clothes to my mind. Just a skirt is just a skirt.
But Hatsune's skirt, man that would be cool to wear. And the girl is lucky to have an a cup if that.