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Thread: Suggestion for "going out" en femme

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    Suggestion for "going out" en femme

    Frequently, people ask for advice related to being out in public en femme. This is a very broad (no pun intended) subject.

    When I was relatively new to being in public en femme, I found that it was helpful to think that I would be playing/acting the role of a woman. This meant that I would take care to apply my makeup properly, select clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. that were appropriate for what I planned to do and where I was going. Also, like any actress, I studied and practiced moving, speaking, gesturing like women that I admired. The more that I did these things, the easier they became. Thus, I no longer need to think about how should I act, etc. when en femme.

    It is not reasonable to think that one can just get "dressed up" and everything will be fine. Like any other skill, practice before performance is
    Hugs, Carole

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    Carole, Thank you for the post, I hope a lot of folks read it. This is what anyone who wishes to make an appearance needs to do, as most of us do not want to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves.


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    One thing I have found is that I tend to over exaggerate the mannerisms and the are so right, it all boils down to practise.


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    I do not pass real well so i go out early in the morning about 5am and walk on main st or at a shopping center.I go to walmart or the grocery store and to drive ups.Its all about building up your confedence by going more places.I wear nail polish and under clothes almost everyday so its how comfortable you feel.I will put up a better picture later on but this was from this morning.

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    Years of getting dressed and experimenting with makeup and different looks helps. It soon becomes second nature along with the movements, gestures and facial expressions. As far as an audience, I have a ready made one every time I dance at the club.
    Second star to the right and straight on till morning

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    Hi Carole - this is an excellent piece of advice for a newbie going out of the door for the first time.
    The River City Gems - Northern California's largest and most active crossdressing & transgender support group!

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    Yeah, great advice Carole! GGs have had all the teen years and twenties to get their rehearsal time in, and that we think we can do it is 5 minutes by pulling on some unwisely chosen shoes and skirts and badly applied make-up is crazy!

    I have been an avid woman watcher of many years. To your advice I would add... look, watch, learn... and befriend and talk to as many women as you can and get into their 'world'! It is a truly great place!
    Kaz xx

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    I still think of it as an art form and sometimes my show is more successful sometimes than others.
    Occasionally I give a party where no one came but it is never a disappointment dressing.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    We are crossdressers, trannies, even. If you are bold enough, its Ok to stand out. We wore dresses and wigs. My friend and I shopped Pay-Less and a few thrift stores. All the women were in jeans and sneakers. I took my friend for moral support. Of course we were overdressed for thrift stores. Why not? We were crossdressers for heavens sake! True, we went mainly to stores where we knew a few of the sales associates. There were nice and gave us loads of compliments. Asked, "how I could walk so well in my red high heel sandals?"

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