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Thread: What do you spend on clothes?

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    What do you spend on clothes?

    I'm not curious about a specific dollar amount. What I was wondering mainly has to do with distribution. What percentage of your discretionary income would you say you spend on women's clothes? How does that compare to what you spend on male clothes?

    Personally I spend probably 50% of my disposable income on clothes, and I would say of that 50%, 80% goes to male clothes and 20% to female clothes.

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    I don't spend much on clothes. haven't needed to buy male clothes on a long time. so my female clothes budget is all my clothes budget. and 70% of that goes tp Victoria's Secrets and stockings, easier to hide. sadly it's not enough. i can fit my all my girly clothes into 2 Go bags. when i settle down and get my own place i'll expand my wardrobe.

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    Not much at all. I don't have a huge collection yet. Right about now its about 30% (random guess) of what I make goes to both male and female clothing. The rest will be for rent and school. I try not to go too overboard until I get a better paying job
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    I am fortunate enough to have a "good job" with no bills whatsoever other than car insurance, food and utilities, and real estate taxes, so over 80% of my income is discretionary.

    Even so, because I buy MOST men's and women's clothes for approximately 2 bucks per "item" - probably a 50/50 split, I seriously doubt if I spend more than 6 or 700 bucks a year total for ALL my clothing, including shoes. Being able to buy "used" clothes is priceless, literally, AND "used" clothes have many advantages over new ones IMO. I have also been lucky enough to find a few pairs of heels in great shape for 3 to 4 bucks a pair.

    Of course, I don't "dress" like most of the "regulars" here at this Forum. I am quite certain that if I did, my clothing expenses would be triple or quadruple what they currently are.

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    i spend alot more money on womens clothes than mens. i dont like shopping for mens gear at all, whenever i get day off i go dress shopping and i atleast buy a new dress, new skirt. my wardrobe is all womens wear.
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]I love my gorgous flowing evening and ball gowns. I love swishing in them, and feeling how beautiful and shimmering they are. I love to feel like a princess. I love to be elegant, feminine and ladylike.

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    It's hard to say for me because I buy most of my clothes at thrift shops. The price ranges from $.50 to $5. The most money that I spend is on shoes because I just can't find any to fit at thrift shops. I have more women clothes then male. But in answer to your question I guess that I would spend about 80% of my clothes buying budget towards female clothing, that's not counting the money spent on makeup.


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    The only way I'm getting female clothes so far (except for bras which I buy online and stuff my wife gives me that she no longer wants) is when I take my wife shopping. The last trip, she got nine tops, I got three.

    I have all the men's clothes I need for now.
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    I've cut back tremendously since I started going out.
    Still I buy mostly femme things and rarely buy any guy stuff. My guy stuff is basically jeans (women's anyway), shorts and t-shirts and they don't go out of style. They get replaced when they wear out.
    I buy only what I can wear out. As to the ratio of male to female it's gotta be about 1:20....
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    Too much, no doubt but, hey, I make the most of what I have and it definitely does not sit in the closet collecting dust.
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    I'm at the end of my working life, and am able to work from home, and dont need any more male clothes. So I can say I have spent more on girl clothes in the past year than I have on Male clothes in my life!
    Really. And I shop on line, on sale, Thrift stores etc.
    Some days when my wife and I go shopping we spend $200 on clothes, but we get to share them so its better. I say share because she wears mine and my stuff goes in her closet never to be seen again.
    (Just had to throw that in).
    I never liked to shop and when I did, it would take me 10 min to find my size, try it on. and out the door.
    Now its so much fun to shop and shop and shop.
    I'm really looking forward to the day when Bobbi goes out shopping and can try on her new clothes before she buys them.
    Soon I hope. Its part of my dream.
    Aint nothin gonna happen that aint supposed too!

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    Since becomeing single and owning my own business these day I can safely say I have not bought any boy clothes for over three years now and don't plan on buying anymore ever. I live almost entirely enfemme these days and well my clotheing budget is all girl. I keep telling my self I need to weed down my closets, its really getting out of hand, I have filled up three closets and one double portable rack as well as started on one rack I put up in my dressing room for my petticoats, so they wern't wrinkled from storeing them in a storage tub OK I know I'm a clothes horder, but for so many years I couldn't have any and now no one to stop me, I say a girl has got to have choices, lot and lots of choices
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    This depends on if I am earning full time or not- hard to explain without dollar amounts. If I am teaching part time (& going back to school).

    I'd say maybe 10% of my take home when in low income mode (my wife works full time when I am doing part time). If I'm working full time, and she is doing school, I spend maybe twice as much, but much less % wise.

    When we are both working- i'll spend a bit more, but also stash cash in a 'rainy day' account.

    I shop Ebay a lot- looking for bargains- but i'll buy some good quality dresses and classic items.

    A more interesting stat to me is how much stuff that i buy and wear. Now it's a good 75-80%. When i have more cash- a little less. When I was raking in some decent money years ago I doubt i would wear more than 40% of the stuff i got more than once. I think I also matured some and learned ho to shop better, too.

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    Alice you have to change that 20% to 80% that is the only thing that makes sense your girl side needs more atteniton have fun doing what you do Hugs Ronda

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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    Discretionary, disposable, income.
    Probably 20% time and money on dresses.
    3.5% on male clothing, the rest in taxes bills and running my life.
    The disposable income is just a fairy godmothers dream.
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    Up until this year I was spending plus $3,000 a year on clothes and jewelry and hair and makeup. $4,000 a couple years.... A little more than I spend on ice hockey a year.... But still an amount that keeps me under the radar as far as my wifes concerned... Lol.

    And I spend about 50% of that amount on male clothes.... I have a ton or dress suits I wear to work... I like to look damn good no mater what clothing I wear.
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    Of my left over money, I spend a bit on womens clothes, not that much haven't bought any mens clothes in a while, I don't seem to wear them out anymore, and don't wear them that much anyway. This time of year, I spend a lot at the nursery,a little on Ammo, and a lot on camera equipment. Every two or three years I get a new camera, and that takes up a pretty good chunk of my extras. This fall, I will be back to shopping for female wardrobe, as I've been losing weight, and will have to start over with skirts tops and pants. Oh, I guess I'll need some new pants and shirts for the guy side also.
    Tina B.
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    Good thread Alice ...something we might not really want to face ....but there's always a big Visa bill for Linda and next to nothing on my guy Visa.
    I'm going to have to talk to her, but I'll have to pick a good time - she can get right defensive when it comes to clothes ..
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    I would say i spend 80 percent of my money on women's clothers or shoes.I can"t stop.I know how real girls feel now

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    In the past I've spent more on women's clothes, but I have more than enough now. I won't usually buy anything, men's or women's, unless it's on sale and I actually need it.

    Went on a cruise last month and my wife insisted I update my male wardrobe. I was in shock of the cost, and realized, if it had been women's clothes, I wouldn't have batted an eye at the cost

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    Peanuts, and that is cause buy exclusively from garage sales, want to see previous owner, its important that she's good looking, clean and so on

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    Half as much as i'd like to and more than I should.

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