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Thread: Male Eye Make-Up

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    Male Eye Make-Up

    Seems more and more males are using eye make-up. I notice males wearing eyeliner, mascara and even eye shadow. There are several male make-up lines available.

    How many members either wear some make-up or have experimented wearing eye makeup when out in male attire? Any experiences to share? Any fashion predictions?

    I don't think I am ready for guyliner at work but maybe the movies would be fun.

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    OMG ! Where? What lines?

    I agree not at work , But out and about in guy mode, would try it!!


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    Probably a little too young for my age group, but for the younger girls it would be great for clubbing and dances....
    [SIZE="3"]Lots of love Gina X[/SIZE]

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    I wear eyeshadow, mascara and blush daily. I have found brands and technique to where they have to be really close to know for sure!

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    I quite often wear a small amount of eye make-up , it is OK providing that you keep off the bright colours, I stick to brown or grey liner and eye shadow as black would stand out to much of someone of my age

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    I also wear eye shadow and mascara on a regular basis. Like Michelle Charles said, you'd have to look real close to notice; wearing glasses helps, I suppose. No one's said anything yet.....

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    I have permanent, tattooed eyeliner and shadow, so yes, I wear it all the time even when presenting male. I've only had a very few comments about it over the years, mainly from medical personnel who had a real professional reason to be looking closely at my face. I had the permanent makeup done precisely because I wanted to wear eyeshadow in both modes, but knew that I would find excuses not to put it on every day if I didn't have to. This way, I have no choice but to deal with it (and I like the look, anyway).

    - Diane

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    Yes I actually venture out in public and did in England in summer of 2009 practically everywhere I went I wore mascara and girls perfume( I LOVE Marks & Spencer ' Sheer Blush).

    Back in Canada again,I also wear lip liner( a pale pink) and sometimes a touch of eye shadow!

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    From time to time I wear mascara. When I put it on it is for the day where ever I go. So, yes I've worn it to work and no one notices or at least they haven't told me so. I chose brown mascarabecause it is close to my natural color.


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    There's lots of discrete makeup tto wear. Tonight I'll be wearing Aveeno tinted moisturizer, some discrete eye makeup, Burt Bees Pomagranite lip balm with a slight pink tinge. I may add Revlon 006 Sheer Pink polish on my nails and some small earings.

    hugs rita

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    Quote Originally Posted by heatherdress View Post
    Seems more and more males are using eye make-up. I notice males wearing eyeliner, mascara and even eye shadow.
    Really? And where is it that you live?

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    I wear makeup everyday just a light amount and no one has ever said anything. Just love it when wife and I are getting ready to go out putting on our makeup together.
    Jennifer Marie

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