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Thread: I went out for the first time!!!!!!!

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    Now that you're on your way, it sounds like you ought to consider coming down to Atlanta for Southern Comfort at the end of September, especially since you're so close! Look it up at when you get a chance. If you did manage to come to SC, then there would be a lot vendors there that would have wigs for sales, as well as shoes, forms, jewelry, etc.

    Btw, I think you're doing a really good job with your makeup and I can't wait to see some more looks from you with respect to clothes and hairstyles.


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    I think the expression is, "If you're too weird for Ashville, tou're too weird."

    There's a nice corset place in Asheville that I really wanted to go into, but I couldn't find a way to "ditch" my wife for a couple of hours.
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me. Or, maybe I'm gender fluid.

    Gender fluid (adj.) - Describes a person whose gender identity is not fixed. A person who is gender fluid may always feel like a mix of the two traditional genders, but may feel [more] like one gender some days, and [more like] another gender other days.


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    hi but i like what you said why did you say in full drag glad you went out but i thank all of us wood not call it that drag wen we are women not in a drag show i know bad words but wen i see someone try to a drag queen with us i think we as crossdressers are better than that an so are you to call your self that you look to good for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmberCDinNC View Post
    The good side is, I live an hour from Asheville, which is one of the most Gay/Les/Bi/Trans friendly areas in the country. Still... I can't stand the thought of offending!
    LOVE Asheville!! I went out in Asheville once when I was living in Knoxville, TN. It was a few years ago, but I had a great time! It's so liberal and nice there (well in the city, I wouldn't venture out too far into the sticks). The LGBT bars there are very nice and welcoming. I was asked to come back and do a show by a number of people. (I didn't though, performance is not my thing. Although I do get that request/suggestion a lot).

    Anyways, I think you're makeup looks great. The wig didn't look too bad, but a nice wig will go a long way. My suggestion to you would be to go to a wig store dressed and try some on. Keep track of the wig names that work for you. When you go back home, order online, because you'll more than likely get a better price. It's semi shady, but it's much cheaper that way. I would also go for synthetic and not real human hair. Synthetic is cheaper and easier to maintain. I've worn synthetic only, and I've been asked if it's my real hair before. If you drop a could bit of money on a synthetic piece, I think you'll be pleased.

    Glad you had fun on your first trip out. Now you got to go on your second!

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    Good for you Amber, your really do look very convincing. Great job learning and practising your make up skills, I bet you can't wait to get out again.

    Awesome that your wife is so comfotable with your CDing as well.


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    In the picture the wig looks good. In a way you made a good investment 10 years ago on the wig for it still to be useable after all this time. I think you will enjoy a new look with a new wig as well. Congratulations on your transformation.
    Life is too short not to be happy!

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    No you did not go out in "Full Drag", you went out as a lady.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    wow, you really look very good. It's so great that you went out and had a makeover. Only just a few of us wish that we could experience doing something like that. I have gone out from my home just three times, just to fast foods and convenient stores and to SCC in ATlanta. I would love to do what you have had the pleasure of doing. To be able to go out to a mall and be treated like a GG and given all of the curtisies that only women know of but take so for granted.
    You look very good and sexy in your makeover picture. You look so happy. I can only imagine that you didn't want to ever take it off. You are so lucky. One day some of us on here may follow you. Can or will you take me with you the next time you go out like that, together it would be so much joy immeasurable.

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    Your picture is fantastic. Im so happy for you and the rush you expierenced. I get it when I just walk around my place(at night mind you) but the euphoria is beyond explanation. I could only imagine what it would be like going out in public. Good luck and happy venturing.


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    Congrads on your outing Amber. I can't believe you are not a G-girl!I rarely go out anymore due to being so busy in guy (m)-mode, but when I DO IT IS ALWAYS fun. 99% of the people out there don't give a hoot. The big thing is to not concern yourself about people staring at you because it usually turns out your staring at them which will get a response.
    “What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
    ― Karl Lagerfeld

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    Great! Just what we need; another one doing their makeup in the car! lol Happy you had fun.

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    You could of fooled me Amber. I see a 100% woman. Very impressive. Three cheers for pretty Amber. Daviolin

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    Hmmmm... any guesses?
    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful responses. It's truly encouraging, and definitely gives me confidence to try going out again very soon!

    One thing I desperately needed was some casual clothes, and although I bought a pair of jeans, etc., from shopping that day, they just didn't fit "me". So... off I went back to the DB (in drab), and met a WONDERFUL sales lady who spent two hours with me putting together a perfect outfit. It's an ankle-length skirt (no need to shave legs!) that is *beautiful*, and a nice, casual white top to match. I'm going next week to look at the wigs that came in, so hopefully I'll be blending just a bit better next time :-)

    Again--I can't say enough about the wonderful responses to my post. I'll definitely try to get back to the forums a bit more often!

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