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Thread: Living full time; how is it done?

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    Living full time; how is it done?

    I've seen some people post on the forum how they have not transitioned but live full time crossdressing. Now, I've managed to live as a girl for a whole day, but I can't imagine the possibility of living full time, especially considering my academic and professional life, as well as my social life. But how do people who are full time crossdressers manage to be their female selves full time?

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    Evidently that is irrelevant
    If you mean 24/7 then it seems that Implies being fully out to family, friends, neighbors and work or business associates. If one doesn't come fully out, the one will have to compromise to some extent. For example, I live about 70% of my life as a woman. I'm out to my immediate family , to a few close friends, the neighbors I know and I go out confidently. My limitations or compromises are a) to spend some time in male mode with my wife and b)always male mode with clients. It's not perfect but it's not bad.
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    Technically, if you're living full time you have transitioned. I think many that do 24/7 are retired or work at home. Really the only real barrier is employment. If you work for yourself or telecommute then the rest is just sorting out your personal relationships.

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    you indicated three reasons at this time you would not be willing to "go" full time. Academic, professional, and Social. When you have that number down to one or none, then you can do it. For one thing, you can cross-dress everyday if you wish and still present as a male. That is what I do now. Androgynous slacks, tops, shoes, etc everyday and I look very professional but all of it came from the womens dept at Kohl's, JCP or Wallyworld. I am also fully under-dressed everyday (I don't need forms - mine are quite natural). My avatar is what I would call a "push" on style being a tunic top and 2.5" heeled boots and I don't wear that very often but I do still wear it on occasion and interact with the public. How you present yourself has a great deal to do with it. If your timid, you will attract attention. If you act like you belong there just as much as they do, they pretty much won't give you a second glance.
    Now if you want to present as a woman, you need to up your confidence game. I lived full time in the early 80's for 5 years and once my confidence reached the point that I accepted myself as a woman, then presenting as one was no problem. My circumstances were a bit unique for transitioning in that I did it on the same employer doing the same job (actually got more advancement as a woman than I would have as a man), with the same friends, etc. My professional and social life were of no consequence and I was well past my academic.

    just some thoughts...


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    It starts by living part time as a woman.
    Once you're comfortable venturing out at any time, and at any place, in any environment, you're on your way.
    Dealing with Family,SO, employer provides additional challenges.
    Decide where you want or need to set the bar. Life is a journey, not a destination. Pick a journey, and make necessary course adjustments along the way.
    I speak as an out& about part-timer, who is constantly trying to improve my game without making major physical or medical enhancements. So far, life is great!.....buti can only speak for myself.

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    I've done it in the past for a month at a time. My upcoming situation with my BF will require I go full time. I'm retired, however, and owe nothing to anyone. Being full time will require a lot of maintenance but that is a "given". All of my feminine self training over the years will come into play when dealing with friends and family but neither of us care if anyone likes it or not and what will be will be, especially our happiness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sally24 View Post
    Technically, if you're living full time you have transitioned. I think many that do 24/7 are retired or work at home. Really the only real barrier is employment. If you work for yourself or telecommute then the rest is just sorting out your personal relationships.
    I think Sally nailed it.
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    I have not transitioned. I do CD daily in just about every aspect of my life. As Jennifer, I dress smartly to work, Slacks, blouse, flats, makeup and jewelry. I meet with clients and so far there has been no adverse effects. Actually, I'm bringing in work for the company, which is good in this economy. I'm a mech. engineer so normally not involved with the sales aspect of the business but that has been changing a bit.

    It's really in the way you carry yourself and how you present yourself. I'm just being me and looking forward to the next step in the journey.

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    Fulltime ???

    People get confused about fulltime . Most chix dont live fulltime dressed in mini skirts an platforms . So fulltime can be easly done ,,, But the own job thing helps,, Ya gotta want it ,,Make arrangements to find a job that lets you do it . And ya dont havta work at home ,,Hell you could be a cab driver or night watch woman or truck driver ,, That way ya dont have to interact with alot of people . So fulltimes all in YOUR HEAD ,,, Not everone elses .
    Yull Find Out !!! lol,,,,

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    Like Kimdl, I'm about 70% en femme.

    I am retired, but did CD in the office with my small office staff.

    What does it take? Chutzpah - a Yiddish word which can translate as "audacity," the kind of audacity shown by the guy who murdered his parents and then threw himself on the mercy of the court because he was an orphan...

    It meant coming out to all of my local friends. Not the easiest thing in the world.

    But when I walk into a room and my friends look glad to see me and say "Hi Barbara!" it is the best feeling in the whole wide world.

    "If you are living the life you want to live you've successfully transitioned to being the person you want to be." - Eryn.

    "If you truly care about me you should damn well want for me what I want for myself" - Michael Westen (Burn Notice)

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    The Liveing full time or transition or transitioned. really does nothing for me & nore did i do ether,

    Yet i live as a normal female / woman. being born female at birth with a difference.
    How do i do this by accepting i was different accepting who i was from very young how you are brain wired makes a big difference ,
    It takes time to grow in to your self you need to grow .

    now i know some who dress as / like a woman yet are not women they just masquerade & act a part, & theres nothing about them that says this person is a woman.& one or two have made problems for them selfs & others about them.. so you must look at the two sides of this,

    Now thier are others who pass look & blend in very well & most people accept them some are open about thier background no probs & others move away so no one knows any thing about them,

    My self because im different & well known with in our Village & our many groups i can move very freely because im accepted, for my self it has nothing to do with my facial features being of a mascluline nature no one cares , in my case im a female / woman , so some of us do have advantages & disadvantages yet over all they can be over looked as in my case,

    So really iv gained acceptance by allowing others in to my life, & not being afraid of showing others even though we are different we can be a part of socity. in all aspects of life, with a membership of over 1000 people many women with in our groups i belive that says some thing in being accepted,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sally24 View Post
    Technically, if you're living full time you have transitioned. I think many that do 24/7 are retired or work at home. Really the only real barrier is employment. If you work for yourself or telecommute then the rest is just sorting out your personal relationships.
    I would tend to agree with this. I am retired, spend days on end en femme, but not 24/7 year round. When working, I was self employed/business owner until selling the firm/business and worked around it.

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