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Thread: Crossdressing Goal

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    Silver Member linda allen's Avatar
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    Crossdressing Goal

    What is your Crossdressing Goal?

    We have members here who are satisfied wearing a pair of panties to bed and we have members who have had reassignment surgery and are living as females and we have everything in between.

    Some of us are where we want to be, some haven't started, and some are part of the way towards their goal. So:

    How far do you want to take your crossdressing and how far along are you?

    I'll go first:

    I don't want to be a woman or live as one. I don't want to be "out of the closet" to my friends or neighbors. I don't want to be "out of the closet" to my grown children or their children. I just don't want the hassle.

    I am wearing bras and panties in public and I am wearing female clothing in my home around my wife. She gave me some and we have shopped together for the rest. I am not wearing forms, wig, female shoes, jewelry, or makeup. There are things I want to do with her at some point. I'm working on it.

    So in a few words, my goal is to dress and act like a woman in my own home and around my wife and have her accept and enjoy this. My ultimate goal then would be to go with her to a town and hour or two away where nobody would recognize either of us and spend time in public with her as two women out sightseeing and shopping on the town.
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    Sounds like me, my wife helps me to pick out clothes buys me bras and panties. My goal is to live like I feel and go out as I should be, yes some times its difficult to complete but for the past few months it seems to be working, makeup, dressing and feeling like the woman I am.

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    My goal is a bit narcissistic I guess. I want to be able to look in the mirror and think, "Yeah. I would be attracted to her."
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    I'm just a normal guy most of the time, but as a goal, I'd love to get out to just live a little as a girl & have a bit of fun
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    I don't really have a goal. A few years ago when I came out I did. I wanted to meet others and be able to go out. Now I've done that and we go out all the time.

    As for where I'm headed, I don't really know. I don't give that much thought. I'm on a journey, so much is new and everything is interesting. I'm just going one step at a time and seeing where this path leads.
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    My goal is to someday be able to fully put the whole package together, makeup, wig shoes, and really hot outfit. At sometime I would like to be able to go out with other "girls" and just be in public having a good time. I really don't want to come out to family and friends. My wife knows, but is not ok with it so, add that to the list. For now, I wear a bra and panties every night and morning until I can wear them all the time.

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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    Linda I am similar to you except I have been away, overseas and partly lived the dream.
    I am not interested in coming out at home but when away the mice can and do play.
    I do underdress all the time and dress androgonously most of the time.
    Not at work though.
    I do not aspire to do much more except give support to those that want to transition.
    We have some fun times together, me usually as a man outwardsly.
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    My goal is to give up cding! But right now I can't! 'Cause I'm busy painting my finger nails so I can get dressed to go shopping!!! Hugs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by linda allen View Post
    I don't want to be "out of the closet" to my friends or neighbors. I don't want to be "out of the closet" to my grown children or their children. I just don't want the hassle.
    Nice idea for a thread Linda. Agree with the above.

    I don't really have any goals left. I just go with the flow. It's different for each of us. We all seem to end up in different places on the TG spectrum for the most part. I guess that's what makes us individuals.

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    My end goal is looking in the mirror and not seeing a man looking back, everything else, including the clothes while not unimportant take a huge back seat to facial appearance.
    I do want to be able to go out eventually, as the only thing keeping me in male mode is quite literally fear.

    That being said I'm still talking with my therapist to figure myself out and to help me deal with the stress of all those feelings I get.
    As for how far I need to go, we'll see.

    In theory I have nothing against going on HRT, but I have to make 100% sure it would be the right decision.
    I've dealt with life-threatening side-effects before so that's nothing new, and at this point I'd consider less (or no) erections a bonus.

    TL; DR:
    I'm crazy.

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    New Member SerenityQueen's Avatar
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    South Africa
    I'm a crossdresser
    Just dressing at the moment (no make up, nail polish, wig etc), but I'd like to dress in such a way that I present as a gurl. Even if I do not pass.

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    I really never had any goals.... And if I had had goals...... I would have met or exceeded every single one already!!

    Ok maybe having an artist create fem artwork based on Karren would be a goal... Wait... That happened last week! Lol.
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    Central Massachusetts
    I have no actual "goal" except to be comfortable wearing whatever I choose to wear. Right now, I'm basically there.

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    South East (UK)
    I guess I'm pretty lucky? I work/study at home, so I can be 'me' for quite a lot of the time.

    My SO gives me plenty of space to do my thing, and for that I'm thankful

    However I do want to get more involved with the whole CD'ing scene, and hope to meet (face-to-face) with other couples, at some point in the future.

    My SO is too busy bringing up the kids, working full-time and keeping me out of trouble

    She just doesn't have the time to get too involved with my CD'ing side at the moment. So my 'goal' is to, someday, do things together as girlfriends!

    My other goal is for all my children to know about the famale side to my personality, when the time is right

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    Senior Member Jacqueline Winona's Avatar
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    Northern California
    No real goals, but If I did have them they would be similar to yours, Linda. I don't have any desire to blend, pass, etc. I really don't have time to dress that much, and my desire to do so just hasn't been there all that often recently. Hoipefully I can continue doing what I do and being happy with it.

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    Junior Member Pamela Thomas's Avatar
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    Plano, Tx
    I want to look in the mirror and see a woman, go in to the world and be recognized and treated as a lady. The best feeling you can have is being addressed as maam or a guy holding the door for you. I just love being a girl.

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    Senior Member UNDERDRESSER's Avatar
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    Usually, wearing a skirt somewhere
    I want to try, a full dress up. What happens after that...? Depends on whether I get anything out of it I guess.

    That and finding an SO that will at least accept it.

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    Member cindybabe's Avatar
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    I am very much just a normal guy and have achieved my goals, that is have the wig, makeup, shoes,dresses,wearing the nightie to bed,going for runs in the country and the quiet walks along with my wife,and the girly nights at home all with my wifes support

    Only thing is it doesn't happen as much as i would like lol
    man i feel like a woman

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    East Texas for Now
    I started out stating that I have no goals, but that's not entirely accurate. I have accomplished a number of things that weren't necessarily goals - such as dressing pretty much full time, going out in my community and meeting neighbors en femme, shopping, etc. And I'm out to several close family members and friends. This all happened without a plan, more or less on its own momentum.

    So where might the momentum carry me? Hard to say. I hope that eventually my wife and I can travel together en femme. That will be a big step for her...but I have no timetable and make no demands.

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    "A glass of wine anytime" rachaelsloane's Avatar
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    Bay Area, CA
    I've far exceeded any goals I would have set, had I set them. I enjoy being able to go out for drinks and dinner with a friend in SF and interacting with the people we meet. I have had some of the most interesting conversations and these more than likely would not have happened had I been in guy mode.

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    Yeah Ok like whatever Tracii G's Avatar
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    Between here and there
    As far as goals I would say I have had them in the past.
    Doing my own make up,dressing up and going out in public I suppose were the main ones.
    I have come farther that I ever thought I would.
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    Mr. Dressupís alter ego! Princess Chantal's Avatar
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    Winnipeg, MB, Canada
    My goal is to keep my passion for crossdressing somewhat like a controlled campfire that it is right now. Start when I want, enjoy every aspect of it and then put out when I want.

    By the way could SRS really be recognized as a crossdressing goal?

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    Aspiring Member ronda's Avatar
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    southeastern Pa
    i just lke to see where life takes me in drab or in a dress hope it will be in a dress or fem clothing let go as it will for now Hugs Ronda

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    Layin' low, sort of.
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    Maui, Hawaii
    I don't have many goals but, I've set up some goals for crossdressing, however. They are:
    - Grow out the hair. Last haircut: April. Side is about two centimeters from the bottom of my jaw. What it will look like by the end of July, well, it won't magically be down to my shoulders.
    - Clean up the body hairs without letting everybody know why I don't have leg hair or other body hair, or why I shaved my beard (when it happens). Will I need an excuse?
    - Have the rest of the family get an understanding of why I CD and the subject as a whole. For the love of God, the older brother & his GF must stop having insensitive beliefs of our kind. Tell them to put their money where their mouths are. They must agree not to tell their Facebook friends, or anyone personally. Bottom line: No one needs to know I CD.
    - Manage to save some money for accessories and more clothes-- it's a lot to name right now. But it'll make all the difference. Remember to hide my gear!

    Those are all the CD goals I have, but what can I say? I don't know what else; my mind has blanked out this morning.

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    Oct 2010
    Western Washington
    Right now I am fairly content with my cross dressing. As some others have stated, I do not want to 'come out' to family, friends or neighbors because of the hassles involved. I have absolutely no desire to be en femme at a typical event I enjoy, such as attended an annual plastic modeling event. My wife knows of my cross dressing. She never says anything about it. It would be nice if there was at least some discussion or acknowledgment that I cross dress. It's like Stephanie is 'shunned.' Decades ago she told me it was OK with her if I found a support group to attend. I tried to locate one in my area. At that time it was a total bust. I know now there is at least one group. Sometimes I wonder how it would be to interact with other cross dressers. For me there is no point to upsetting the peace and serenity cross dressing brings to me in private. Sometimes I just wonder about meetings others. Sometimes the anticipation exceeds the actual event.

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