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Thread: Do you read TG stories?

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    Yea. And, I've even written a few. But, I'm not into reading the heavy X rated ones. Give me sweet and sentimental.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AmandaQ View Post
    No, I figure that they are X rated fictional stories and nothing else...but not saying there are not any good ones out there. Just not for me.
    Same goes for me I like to read a good book but no x-rated stuff

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    Hi Lainie, Back in the day before I found the internet I use to read them all the time.
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    I used to read them all the time when I was younger. Not that I'm old now. But in my teens and younger I would always read them. Used to wish those stories were my own.

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    terrapin station, you need to guess a little bit
    My wife and I used to read the CD stories to each other that were in Penthouse Variations. But sadly they don't seem to have any in there anymore.

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    Never read any CD fantasy stories.
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    Like many others here, I find that there are few worthwhile stories. I used to read them but so many of them are heavy on sexual content of the crossdresser-meets-guys-and-likes-it variety, and this is not my thing. I rarely read them now, but there are a couple of good ones on Crystal's Storysite.
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    I've lived whatever thrill I needed to, and now I've become a boring average transgender person. I wear what I want, I go where I go., I am what I am.....what's left? The only thrill frontier left for me is sailing in a sailboat across the Atlantic, which is my pipe dream.

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    Before I found this site, I read dozens, hundreds actually, stories on fiction mania. Some categories I liked--some never.

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    Nothing wrong with the sex angle (for me anyway) it kinda' brings back some very erotic memories!!!!!!!

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    I used to read them some years ago. i was at that stage where, being closeted, and no possibility to wear things and
    be myself, that fiction played a role. If I read any today, I hope that it is inspiring and positive. I look to positive relations with women, accepting, and at
    a higher plane.
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    I still love and read a lot of FICTION on fictionmania and the other sites mentioned before but it usually is done by using the search feature of the older stories before most all of them became filled with cd/male encounters.

    As a str8 married CD I'd love to see more stories about CD's with wives adventures that don't lead to cuckold sissies and sex with men.

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    2,148 almost seems like the authors have a hat filled with four or five scenarios with four or five different endings, and somehow they managed to make millions of stories with almost the exact same plot.

    I had a game one day where I would guess how everything would play out after one paragraph. I got pretty awesome at it.

    Hohum...I wish there were more creative people in online fiction.
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    During the years when I wandered in the wilderness, while I was married to my first wife, I didn't CD so my only outlet was reading fiction. I was mostly interested in femdom literature rather than TG but there is a huge overlap between them so both elements in a story was a bonus. I particularly liked the "petticoat punishment" genre. But any well written femdom literature would do. Nowadays, I mostly read about organic farming.

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