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Thread: When Did Women Start Showing Each Other Their Bras? (GG Input Appreciated)!

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    When Did Women Start Showing Each Other Their Bras? (GG Input Appreciated)!

    Most of the time it always seems to me that most women are more modest around other women than they are around men.

    But maybe this bra showing thing is nothing new and I'm just more accepted lately, but I've been a part of this three times in the last few months.

    Here's what happens, a group of women will be together and someone will say something about bras and then several of the women will pull their top down a bit to show each other the color or style of the bra they have on.

    A couple of months ago I was chatting with my manicurist (we're long term friends) and somehow the subject of bras came up and suddenly she was pulling her top down a bit to show me hers. Just casual, no big deal.

    Today I was part of a women's luncheon with about 7 other women and as we were leaving something about bras came up and one of the women pulled down her top a bit, exposing a portion of her multi-colored pastel bra, and said, "I'm wearing a kinda of sexy bra today."

    Immediately, the woman standing next to me pulled her top down a bit and said, "I'm wearing a beige bra. It doesn't show through nearly as much as white!"

    So, since I was also wearing a beige bra I went ahead and lowered part of my top and said, "Me too!"

    And we all put our blouses back in place and continued to chat as we walked out of the restaurant.

    Is this some new thing? Or just normal chit-chat?

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    Normal. Get over it. ;D
    Cute story!

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    Me and a friend have showed eachother our boobs. I don't even remember why.
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    Normal! Done this for years!

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    Something left over from puberty methinks. The next logical step would be to show both bra and panties to see who matches. I never do.
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    Seems pretty normal in circles where women tend to talk about fashion, or regularly compliment one another on what they are wearing.

    Reminds me of a few years back when I was talking to a friend, a young-ish natal female. I believe I was talking about these pages and had made a comment about panty threads, that women just wouldn't go there and she replied "my friends and I talk about our panties all the time".

    Granted this was from an early twenty-something woman but still, it's territory where guys just don't tread.
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    I would have never guessed women show each other their bras. I still think it is uncommon and not done by most women. Very close friends, maybe. Bit casual friends or just co-workers? I can understand that some might talk about what bra is most comfortable or a better fit. But to show it?
    Now I'm gonna ask some close female friends if they ever do or did that.

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    It doesn't happen all he time, but it's perfectly normal. Don't worry about it.

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    Normal these days...just like all the girls showing their bra straps under tanks and tube tops....
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    I don't know when they started this but they can show me their bras anyday!

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    Never have, never will

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    A long time ago in a world far away I was in a compare boobs contest with three GG's.
    It was a touch and feel how they have developed session.
    Left a bit of a scar on my memory if I remember.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marleena View Post
    I don't know when they started this but they can show me their bras anyday!
    I have to agree...this seems like a behavior that should be encouraged.
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    lol! Girls do this sort of thing all the time amongst themselves.

    My daughters and wife do this sort of thing all the time. It's a girl thing. Girls sense of power and worth comes partly from being viewed as cute and desirable. You don't get it because guys would never do this sort of thing. If a guy did he'd be considered wierd. That's part of what we get out of dressing up, it allows us to be "sexy" and pretty too. That's also why we enjoy sharing it with others, ie. pictures of ourselves en femme, etc. just like a normal girl wanting to share her sexiness with her friends. They can't and don't usually around guys, because most guys would misunderstand it and see it as a come on. The guy version of this is guys flexing their muscles or bragging of their exploits..... lol! And part of it too is that girls just generally appreciate pretty clothes more than guys do, as has been stated above. Whether itshoes, bras, purses or whatever.
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    Visible bra straps used to be totally taboo, but these days half the women out in the summer are sporting brightly-colored straps on their shoulders and lacy bra edges framing their décolletage. Bras are now fashion accessories and meant to be seen.
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    I guess it's the new normal I don't have a problem with it.
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    I think it started when all the "Show The World your Bra Straps" became prevalent. Until recently, women went out of their way to hide The Straps, now they seem to think it's important that they show.

    The Reason is probably "Herd Mentality." "Everybody does it, so I have to do it too." Or, and I think it's more likely; when Bra's started costing A Hundred Dollars and more, there's a subconscious need to "show off your wise investment." It 's very similar....I have NEVER met a Transwoman, nor A GG who after going through Breast Augmentation, who was not Compelled to show off her newest acquisition. They want you to see those puppies! And, are quick to pull off the blouse and give you a look. But, how different is that from most of The Guys? How often have you been drug over to your neighbor's house to look (and make praising noises) at his new car or boat? Got to be the same sort of thing.

    Peace and Love, Joanie
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