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Thread: Went shopping with teen daughter

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    Went shopping with teen daughter

    My baby (age 16 and 6' tall) needed new jeans so we went shopping. I wore full butt/hip padding to present a proper silhouette.

    We started with a buffet brunch, then to our local upscale shopping mall where she got 3 pairs of shoes (size 12W) at Lane Bryant, then we each picked up a pair at Payless. Next to a discount retail store where she picked up two fleece jackets and I got jeans, slacks and a strapless bra. Then to the nearby discount grocery. My knees were achy after 4 hours on my feet so I sent her inside Old Navy by herself to get her tall size jeans.

    I've been living full-time as female for 5 weeks and am very comfy in public by myself. It was great to have another tall gal with me. We will likely do a transparent & daughter shopping trip at least every month.

    For those who wonder, I hear "sir" a lot when out without bottom padding but am almost always treated as female when I wear it.
    What's between your legs and what you like to do with it is your business, not mine. Please give me the same courtesy.
    Everyone who refers to sexuality as a preference reveals their own bisexuality.
    I hope to live long enough to see a time when one's sexuality or gender identity is no more important than one's religion or politics.
    DO link up with your local support group. It's an easy way to meet similar people, help others, educate the public and be part of the political process.

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    wow that sounds so much fun, i have three teenage daughters wish i could shopping with them, my SO wouldnot like that idea, she lets me be me when the girls are not around, right now i only have two girls at home and a daughter and son away at college. my girls have seen me last halloween, so i wear shorts shorts all the time, ffemale tan tops, but that is all i can wear with them around. congrats on your five weeks, hugs
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    Nice outing and great daughter

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    Sounds like a great day with your daughter.

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    It's great that you have such a relationship with your daughter! Thanks for sharing!
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    That's great ,,Me an my daughter got our feet done together an guess what ? She paid ,,,,YEEEEE-------HAWWWWWW ,,,,
    Yull Find Out !!! lol,,,,

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    Hi Elsa, You are lucky to have a wonderful daughter.
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

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