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Thread: Girlie triggers when you were younger?

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    My grandmother was really cool and I would play dress up when I went to stay with her

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamieG View Post
    Oh, I had tons of triggers. When I was younger, I was very intrigued by tights and leotards. I would always anticipate when the Sears catalog would arrive so I could turn to the women's aerobic wear section and admire all the wonderful clothing. In one of our high school yearbooks, there was a picture of a girl in her ballet practice wear that made me want to be her so much. Then of course there were music videos. Two in particular stick out: Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" video and Tom Petty's "Don't Come Around Here Anymore." I so wanted to look like one of the Palmer girls, with sheer black hose, short black dresses, and striking makeup. And Tom Petty's Alice in Wonderland inspired video had a couple of girls who wore checkerboard unitards that I longed for.
    YES YES, I forgot about addicted to love. The eyes and lips of those girls made me into a self taught makup artist along with the blonde hottie from Knots Landing.

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    As a child I was fascinated by tights. Sheer, opaque, tan, black whatever. I still always wear hosiery when I dress.

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    For me, it was the shampoo commercials showing girls with long, silky, shiny hair. Long, pretty hair spells 'female' to me....which is why all my wigs are beyond shoulder length.
    Some causes of crossdressing you've probably never even considered: My TG biography at:
    There's an addendum at post # 82 on that thread, too. It's about a ten minute read.
    Why don't we understand our desire to dress, behave and feel like a girl? Because from childhood, boys are told that the worst possible thing we can be, is a sissy. This feeling is so ingrained into our psyche, that we will suppress any thoughts that connect us to being or wanting to be feminine, even to the point of creating separate personalities to assign those female feelings into.

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    I had fourth sisters , sof when they would wear dresses I was so jealous.

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    Well,I had a cool mom that supported my curiosity,so my triggers were/are many. Girdles,stockings,skirts,dresses,leotards.tights,e tc..My mother helped me explore all of this with an open mind..Sears catalog,gymnastics[gymnastic pants...first out and about crossdressing..elastic,nylon,white,etc] As a teenager,with short skirts and opaque tights the rage,I was so jealous of the girls that the vice principal put his ruler to in order to check the "legality" of their hem Remember that? Lipstick,eye makeup[blue shadow lol]and how some girls were appearing much older than the other young teens and were able to use that to their advantage[power of the pussycat introduction". So for me,triggers were everywhere from the closet to the catalog to the shampoo commercials on TV.. And by scanning all the posts here,THE CURIOSITY OF FEMININITY IS SOMETHING WE WERE BORN WITH!!!!

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    A big trigger for me has always been seeing the edge of lace from a slip peeking out from under a dress or skirt.

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