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Thread: wig i went shopping

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    wig i went shopping

    i often read posts and wonder why others write about their shopping experience.

    i have shopped in drab to the point that this is little to no buzzzz from the shopping. this weekend, i decided that i want a wig. up until now, i bought one cheap wig some years ago..... it looks like a wig. so i looked up addresses and made plans. after work, i went to the first shop - i got nerveous. went to the door and the stored was closed due to ownership change.

    i then drove to the second chance store. there i was greeted nicely, i explained the need for a wig - females and got a Ohhhhh. the owner asked several questions about style color and others. She then escorted me to a back room that was set up for styling. She showed me a couple of cheap wigs ($30) and i was not impressed.

    she ended up showing several wigs and pot each on for me to view. i ended up with a regualr sized wig rather than large cap as she had many more to celect from in average size.

    she found wigs to match my grey hair. this is what i wanted so it was not a stark contrast....

    i found one that i like - age appropriate.

    yes i paid more for the was worth it to get to try on wigs, to have the owner show how to style and fluff it.

    as i had on a wig another customer walked in to get supplies and she made a comment about that is certainly a change over how i last saw you. what?????? she and the owner talked a bit. the other customer then came to me and stated that she did not want me to think that she had comments about me but the owner normally have long hair. wow, that helped to settle my netrves.

    the rush is back as i shopped for a wig.

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    Lately, the rush for me has been shopping with my GF in tow When I got my new wig she wasn't there but like yourself, I had fun trying on different ones till I found one I was happy with. A long curly black one Thanks for sharing your experience and enjoy your new wig
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    Shopping for a wig can be very gratifying.
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    I always enjoy wig shoping! Just another pleasure of being a girl!
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    I ordered a wig from

    I've been hinting to my wife that I needed a wig. The other day we were going to the mall and pretty much out of the blue she said "We can get you a wig at the mall." Well, don't you know it, the wig store in the mall closed a year or so ago and I knew that. I told her and said I would just buy one on-line.

    I don't think I would have been comfortable in a large mall type wig store anyway. They seem to cater more to the younger women looking for fashion wigs. There are a couple smaller wig shops in my are but we'll see how the one I ordered works out.
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    Hi JC, Wig shopping usualy takes an hour and a half to two hours for me and it's pure pleasure.
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