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Thread: Airport security

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    Airport security

    So, we were getting ready to board our plane home from vacation earlier, when they announced that the TSA would be doing random checks of bags. Ughh! What an inconvenience after the flight was already delayed to wait for some crew members that were held up in traffic.
    I wasn't wearing anything fem, but you're allowed one bag and one personal item each; my wife had a carry-on suitcase and her purse, and I had my backpack and my wife's a bag with a very feminine red and pink paisley print that carries like a that's how I was carrying it (very happily of course)...but in shape it is very obviously, or so I thought, a laptop. And so, after walking past all the male TSA officers, the last one, and the only female stopped me and of coarse asked to see my bag.
    "Which one?" I asked, genuinely not sure because my backpack is old and has lots of pockets, all of them full, and it's covered in strings and straps that don't belong because I've repaired it numerous times over the years, and so I was thinking maybe it looks suspicious.
    But low and behold and with a subtle grin she points to the feminine laptop bag, "That one."
    So now immediately understanding why I was stopped I handed it over and watched her face...and I wish I could have taken a picture of the surprised and disappointed look on her face when she realized what it was and actually said, "Oh, it's just your laptop." It was PRICELESS!
    Now, I can speculate as to why she stopped me, and of course I'll never know for sure, but it's probably just that I was carrying a bag that didn't seem like it belonged to me, which raises obvious red flags. But, and I don't know if it was my confidence, or the way I was comfortably carrying it like any girl carries her purse, but she was obviously thinking that it was either "my purse" or less likely that there was something illegal going on, but either way she was going to get a good show....sorry to disappoint you TSA lady! lol
    I simply smiled back and nodded, "Yup."
    For a split second we shared a smile and a private chuckle. Then she motioned in the direction of the plane and said almost under her breath but still with the subtle smile, "You're OK to go."
    I thanked her and walked ahead to where my wife was waiting with a huge grin to ask, "Did she stop you because you were carrying a feminine looking bag?"
    "Of course!" I answered, returning her smile.
    "Did she tell you that?!"
    "No, but why else?"
    We both had a laugh which washed away any thoughts of the inconvenience and boarded what was an otherwise relatively uneventful flight. The pilot, who as it happens was one of delayed the crew members that held us up, actually made up the time in the air and so we landed only two minutes after our scheduled arrival. So it ended up just being a fun end to a great vacation.

    On a side note, but maybe more importantly, due to the length of our trip, and what I now think of as fortunate accident, I am out of underwear, and my wife who knows but is usually DADT, has lent me two pairs of hers to wear. I was very happy, and understand the one pair, but since we'll have time to do laundry in the morning I asked her why two pairs, and she said, well, just so you can wear whichever ones are comfortable, and just in case you need another pair. I didn't argue, but also noted to myself that she while she does have some very plain pairs, she gave me a silky black pair with a frilly waist band with a bow in the middle and scalloped leg holes (which I'm wearing now), and a slightly more plain pair but pink with a satin band (which I'll wear all day tomorrow)...maybe she's coming around...I'll see what I can do before Halloween.
    Hugs & Kisses,

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    Its nice when what seems like an inconvenience turns out to have a fun side to it.

    I guess your wife is getting more used to you having a feminine side, but I would still be careful not to rush things.

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    The stories of the TSA Gestapo never cease to amaze me. There used to be something called Freedom. We tossed it in the name of security. No such thing as total security but here we are regardless.
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    I am guessing, but when you have a job that may be tedious and boring at times, you do what is reasonable to brighten it up. So if you are security and have to select bags to check, of course you go for suspicious first, but you may go for the ones that could have the most interesting content second. A guy with a feminine looking bag? Could be a change of pace.

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    Personally, I think u may be reading too much into her motives, Hailey. However, after my many travel experiences I'd say there's NOTHING too stupid or nonsensical for a TSA agent to do!

    As Kate says, they really having NOTHING TO DO WITH SECURITY! They're there so the muggles feel safe flying. Apparently throwing away your water bottles and taking off your shoes impresses some folks.

    It'll be hell to pay when someone tries liting his explosive undies on a flite!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

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    The underwear goesd like this... she gave you the ones she cares less about...the ones which you can stretch the waist band and it won't bother her much! The laptop...I love playing with people that way, doesn't even have to be gender related...letting them think one thing and showing them something else. Then I ask them, what did you think it was?!...

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    I was seeing some friends off once and carrying one of the childrens gaily coloured rucksacks, yes, I was tested for explosives.
    I put a case through the security scanner once, I was asked if it was my bag and had I packed it myself. I said yes.
    I was asked again and then the lady said you have pretty bras, maybe your wife packed it.
    Yep sure enough it was her case, mine had my forms and much prettier lingerie in it.
    Both cases are identical by the way.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickhe View Post
    The underwear goesd like this... she gave you the ones she cares less about...the ones which you can stretch the waist band and it won't bother her much!
    That's a good point. I never thought of that. But I'm slimmer than her, so I'm still holding onto hope that she picked those because she thought I'd like them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shelly Preston View Post
    I guess your wife is getting more used to you having a feminine side, but I would still be careful not to rush things.
    Thank you. I was tempted to push it a little, but remembered your advice and held back. Afterwords I felt like it was better that way.

    Thanks again!
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    Hugs & Kisses,

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