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... He leaves loaded guns lying around the house... What do you think my chances are of having him removed from the home?
High. HOWEVER, the chances are higher that the kids will be removed from the home. At the moment, they may not be placed with YOU... and may end up in Foster Care. WAIT until your ducks are in a row to play THAT card.

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On a side note, I'm meeting with three different attorneys next week and will select one to represent me. One is good but over priced so I'm ruling that one out.
The only thing more expensive than GOOD advice is BAD advice ... so it comes down to what you can get for your money.

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Other two are reasonable, but not quite as aggressive. One is male and the other is female. I hate to bring gender into it but I think having a female counselor might give me an advantage. Agree of disagree?
These days, there is no shock or sympathy factor to having a female attorney and depending on who makes the decision, they may see that as a sympathy ploy.

ASK the candidates what successes they have had in cases LIKE YOURS ( it doesn't matter how many millions they got for divorce clients or how many murders their clients got away with ... what matters is how many men with crazy wives got their kids back or at least out of danger. )

SEEK an attorney with intention to protect the children.
If that is not your intention, let it be, or they will see through you.
This CANNOT be about "winning" for you .... it MUST be about "winning" for the weaker party. At the moment we deem that to be your wife because we only know one side of it.

Give your attorney FULL DISCLOSURE when they ask for it - or they will be hit with surprises and you lose ( and you don't get your money back )