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Thread: I'm a crossdresser?

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    Question I'm a crossdresser?

    Well i'm too young, and i'm in serious doubts, am i crossdresser or not? I enjoy being a male, i enjoy the clothes i wear, i enjoy everything in being a man... I think i'm crossdresser because one day i put a paper under my shirt and it looked like boobs i tought i liked it, but i was feeling like a man 5 minutes later, times later i haved a dream with the same thing and it felt real, looks like a temporary crossdressing i dont know.Well if crossdressing is not only about dressing. (I dressed one time like a woman and i didn't felt nothing, i used make up, and nothing happened) i dont like to buy feminine things, i dont like to do feminine things, i like only to do manly things, i dont know if its normal, to be a crossdresser and love being a man. I have OCD and i have a enormous fear of being a crossdresser or a transsexual, its not the fact of being a CD but the fact of being girl inside, its ridiculous because i like being a boy. I really like my body, my male aspects, everything. But my fear of one day, wake up and do not like my body anymore and want to be a girl that really scares me. It would be okay being a CD but still a man inside. Sorry if my english is not that good...

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    I think you might be curious which is fine. There is no need to be fearful. Just relax and be yourself, and don't over think things
    "Just follow your heart, that's what I do" - Napoleon Dynamite

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    I'm a man at times it's a good thing. A lot of times I wouldn't mind being a real girl. Most of the time I just love wearing female clothes. My wife knows and at times buys me girl things shoes,blouses, makeup,earrings. It's not a badthing being girly.Don't stress yourself out over it. It can be quite relaxing after a hard day of work and being a man. If it happens try just going with it kid I 64 years old and love my girly time.

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    You've pretty much summed up the reasons why 'i' so dsilike the term crossdesser.

    You see, if we are to take words at face value, that one time you wore ladies clothing does indeed qualify you.
    In fact, anyone who has put another supposed genders clothing on for any reason is crossdressing. The guys who put on the cheerleaders oufits for the homecoming football powderpuff game.....yepper- guilty as charged.

    But reading between the lines of your post, i think you should relax, take some deep breaths and kinda chill. You don't need to worry about being transsexual, that is on the farthest end of the gender variance spectrum and tis very obvious that it is not your realm.

    Now then, back to this part about "nothing happening" when you had the clothing on. There's no magical enchantment with dramatic music guaranteed.

    A good many of us did feel something more meaningful, but it's not a pre-requisite.

    The problem with my above examples is: what was the reason for wearing ladies clothing and your gonna have to decide how much it means to you.

    My point is that this crossdresser term or label is so vague and ambigous that it can mean anything.
    Granted, those on this site who cling to it like it's the last lifebouy on a sinking ship, do so because they, in fact, are what for the pruposes of this site is a CD and are afraid of anything remotely attached to the trans word.

    So.....tell ya what my friend, sit back, read the responses and don't worry too much just yet.
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    I can't help but wonder why you are here. I even doubt that you are OCD, far too many grammatical mistakes. You are likely just a young man who has seen or heard something that sparked an interest in something about which you know nothing. If you are a CD in your heart, you won't be able to run from it. If you are not, run as hard as you can because being OCD AND a crossdresser is tough as can be. You have no need to be afraid, just be yourself.

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    I have OCd and i'm on medication, i'm not trying to run from it, but i dont know if i am a CD or not. I only think about CD when my OCD comes back, when not, i don't even remember about crossdressing. If i say to my self now ''well i'm a crossdresser'' i would even forget that i'm a crossdresser and live my life normal as a man.If i follow my heart i would remain this way, cause thats the way i like to be, i like to dress as a man... Sometime ago i passed through HOCD the fear of being gay, well today i know i'm not, its just like, well that guy is handsome, its normal for guys to think another guys are beautiful,some man just have fear of what society and other man would say, you're only gay if you think in a sexual and attractive way, i'm attracted by woman. If i relax and do not force crossdressing, i would never crossdress in my life, cause i dont even remember it, i'm doing another things like playing video games, hanging out with friends...

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    If you don't like to wear women's clothes, and you don't like to do feminine things, how can you be a crossdresser?

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    I just have a enormous fear of being a girl in a boy body, like sometimes i like to put paper under my shirt to simulate breasts, but its temporary, and its because of ocd,(checking), but like some crossdressers say ''its not a thing i like to do, its a thing i need and love to do'', i dont feel that way, i don't need it,i dont love it, maybe feeling feminine sometimes its normal to mans , i really don't know, feminine clothing doesn't attract me, looking at other girls boobs, and thinking ''i could have them for me'' its not my thing, if i follow my heart, i will remain as a man...
    HOCD (i have it)
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    I have OCD too and actually there are some good things about it. It is a sign that you are of higher than average intelligence and you can think things through much more that a none OCD person usually can. As far as giving yourself temporary breasts, I wouldn't worry about it. It could just be a passing fantasy. Just enjoy it. OCD can't really force you to do something against your nature, at least as far as I have experienced. In actual fact you probably care more about others than most people and are less likely to harm anyone, including yourself. If you do turn out to be a CD or a TS it's perfectly natural. You don't have to make any major life changes if you don't want to.

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    Maybe you are not a cross dresser, but keep looking on these pages and asking the right questions and eventually the right answers will come out.
    You are trying to find out about yourself and you will ask the right questions with practice.
    The fact that you thought having boobs was good does not mean anything except that you might like to see how you look as a girl.
    A lot of boys dress up once in their sisters dresses to see what it is like and never do it again.
    So you are not weird for wondering.
    Welcome to the forum and keep asking questions.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    May be womans are your fetish - with me is similary I like woman and CD sometimes full sometimes only in a part (often tights and stockings) so with time you will se. By my expirience you are CD but from a reason because womans are your fetish - so try relationshep with some girl it will help a lot in answering thise question.
    I don't wont to hurt anybody. I just wont to enjoy a life.

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