I go out enfemme about once a week or even more. Last week Tuesday I had a luncheon date, then shopped at a used clothes store, bought a purse, met with the property owners of a meeting place, I am forming a local CD support group, went to a mall, TJ Max, a large shoe store, Burlington Coat, the Post Office, and had a dinner date at Panera bread, all enfemme. I was out from 11:00am to 10:00pm. I wore a knit gold and black herringbone skirt with sparkly flecks in the gold. On the top I had a black long sleeve blouse. Of course wig, padding, forms, shaper, cincher, a half slip, false eyelashes, full nails, and full makeup plus my favorite Sheer Energy hose. Then earrings, bracelets, women’s watch, wedding and engagement rings, necklace, perfume. I had on 2 ½” heel black knee high boots. I wore a black and blue wide striped coat. I really looked my best. Oh also women’s sunglasses. I was in bliss for eleven hours plus the get ready time. No problems at all, and even if there was a problem, I would deal with it and move on. But I control the risks by where I go, when I go there, and appearing to be a woman as much as possible. I love this. So let's get out there!