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Thread: The other day

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    The other day

    The other day my wife came into the room to be with me and I told her that I was wearing my corset. She said that she thought that we were going to do this every other month and take it slow. I'm suppose to let her know when I'm going to do this which I didn't. Now up to this point every time I told her that I want to put my or set on and none of my other stuff she kept saying no so I have been finding myself sneaking to put it on. Well we had a long talk. She said that she is not into this and if she is she will be faking it. We went back and forth and comprised for a couple hours a month. It's not much but it is a start. She said that she now has to live with this secret and can't tell no one. The stress is unbearable. I love my wife and at the same time I want to dress in my favorite fetish outfit. I tried to tell her how I feel but the word seem to elude me.
    So the next day I took this as the beginning of the end of our relationship and she came up with an idea of what she can do for the two hours I'm dressing up.

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    Wow, you are giving up on your relationship because you wife only tolerate your cross dressing! You must realize by now that many here would kill for your situation. Let me add some perspective:

    You just told her. She set boundaries to which you agreed but you broke those boundaries and you are not happy that SHE is upset about this? Take it slow means to really take it slow. That means at her speed not your desired speed. You have decades ahead of you. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

    Talk to her. Tell her you can live with her boundaries but you would like to discuss those boundaries every 3 months. Just discuss and she is the final arbiter of the discussion. You can make this work but remember YOU are infringing on HER sensibilities. You have had decades to come to grips with cross dressing, she has had hours. Come on.

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    I agree. It's probably not fair to overwhelm her at the outset. She may need time to get used to things. There is also something to be said for forewarning. My wife appreciates me telling her beforehand when Cate may visit, so she is mentally prepared, instead of me just walking out of the bedroom en femme and in makeup. I think that's a reasonable request.

    Of course, there is also underdressing (eg bras, lantjes, garters and stockings, etc, under your clothes. That should not be something with any limits, or at least strict limits, as it is limely only you who would be "in the know".

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    Back off, take it slowly, keep to any agreements made and try not to be dishonest.
    Your marriage is going to be a train wreck otherwise.
    Is it an investment you can afford to lose?
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    It is hard not to be bitter when things don't go to plan. It is also hard to look at the big picture in our relationships when we are unhappy about some details. Been there ... I keep dealing with similar issues every day.

    Bottom line is to continually remind yourself why you married in the first place and the quality of the love you have together.

    I justify having an occasionally separate life making opportunities to dress without confronting my very loving wife's deep feelings nor making her other than first priority. My conscience is eased by keeping our relationship strong and knowing this is the best way of dealing with circumstances without being bitter.

    This may not be regarded in this forum as the honest and best way of CDing but it has had to work for me.
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