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Thread: Lunch enfemme with a new girl

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    Lunch enfemme with a new girl

    I had lunch out enfemme with a new girl Monday. It was her first time out enfemme with another CDer. She had a good time and emailed me her happiness and thanks.

    Shelly (not her real name) is a big girl. She is as tall as me but probably almost twice my size. But she was radiant, lovely, she had really put some effort in to her appearance. I was completely comfortable with her both outside on main street and in the restaurant. Part of that was certainly because Shelly is made of sugar and spice. The waitress was sweet and received a good tip, although I suspect she would have been sweet regardless. Shelly and I split a $8.00 half pound burger with wedge fries. For each it was a cheap lunch. The main thing is Shelly was happy and her confidence was boosted. We will meet again.

    So if you are a bigger girl, don't compare your size to the GGs and decide that there is no way you can go out enfemme. Match yourself up with some other CDers who are not petite. Find a CD partner. Select and control the atmosphere with the time and location. Then get OUT. Have FUN. You are helping the USofA increase the level of acceptance and tolerance. It spreads as people become used to those not perfect like themselves. One day maybe everyone will truly feel free.

    I wore a dark pink miniskirt (just above the knees) and wide belt with a big buckle in the front over black leggings and black heeled boots. On top I had a black blouse. Of course false nails, the wig, shapers, pads, forms, cincher, makeup, women's glasses, watch, wedding ring set, earrings, bracelets and a matching purse. Oh and my long glorious shiny faux fur coat. I swoon every time I get to wear it. I felt SO pretty and feminine. All my baggage went in to a sealed container and I was free to just be who I wanted to be.

    I am forming a CDer support group. I want to help others find happiness and acceptance. We have a very private and safe place to get dressed and meet. PM me for details.


    PS: Thank you for this site!
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    Id so love to join girl but Im a few thousand miles away.
    It be nice to help a new girl break the thresh hold ad to get her feet wet with being outside.
    Enjoying the fresh air

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    What a great venture, I hope it becomes a roaring success.
    Just because you are bigger, when together you all look like beautiful swans.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    True to say, not every GG is a slim model-like person. Everyone comes in interesting shapes and sizes, and make do the best we can. What's important is the great time you had, and the massive self-confidence boost it will be for Shelly (obviously not her real name).

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    Billieann, you looked wonderful last month--perfectly passable, hardly anyone gave you a second look. Big girls pass very often...after all women come in all sizes. For big girls, be sure to have big hair and a big purse to give yourself an overall sense of scale.
    And I suspect you wear a size 11 shoe, Billieann. And my nearby Goodwill at 54th and Division in Grand Rapids has a new addition of many pair of Target Mossimo tall heels--some gold glitter in 5-inch heel with one inch hidden platform. Size 11 included. They are new. On sale...about 12.95. Look about like this:

    I wanted a pair, but my SO is trying to get me to get rid of a few pair--not add to my big collection.
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    It is a wonderful thing when you can make someone feel special.
    Thanks for sharing and all you are doing for the community.
    It's not about gender it's about fashion

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