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Thread: Social experiment?

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    They say that a dog will know that you are coming home before it even sees or hears you so could it be possible that they can pick up on some sort of telepathic brain wave ( I should point out that I am a believer in telepathic possibility's) ,
    I use to ride a big hunt horse, the lady that owned it said that it only liked females but notice how well it got on with me , she said it was like ridding a volcano yet I was dressed basically like anyone else at the stables so not to sure if it would be a dressing thing and I think that to really find that out you would have to get your female friend to dress as a man to see if there was also a reaction from the clothing .

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    Sight hearing smell. food, & wether your male or female does all come into it,

    I worked with 1000's of sheep in one way or the other, i allso had my own small flock some of them would see me then make thier way towards me. so smell is ruled out & it did not matter what i was wearing. one they liked thier head to be scratched & & some tid bit to eat.

    Goats would come at certain times of the day to be milked to let down, plus feeding at the same time or get thier heads scratched. plus they knew my call.

    Cats it allways about food or a cuddle they know when its feed time & we'v had some 14 over the years.

    dogs just like being around you, of cause food is all ways a part of being around you. sight & your walk & sence , they can sence danger or will step between you or in this case Jos while at home i was away on the building sites so jess was close to jos & this guy came no idear as to why yet Jess soon got between Jos & this guy till he left plus she did a growl for a warning,

    Plus lighty bit a guy who had come to see her 5 pups he came in swinging his arms around so she bit him comeing in & on the way out the gate bit him on the other side of his backside, well you dont do that the woman was not an issue, he was threatning to her,.

    Deer we had some 60 on the farm the boss was scared of them & as we went into the shed he was getting quite agitated & said stay behind i wondered why. when he left i went around all the deer & rubbed my hand over thier backs & round thier necks no problem . now these were not tame deer had been just brought in so classed as wild,

    Pigs we had our own & did breading i was in the shed with her & her little ones some 9 of sat down on the hay with her , Now some one came to see them well she was off out the door to run down who ever, had she been out the gate the person would have had to run . now she knew my voice & smell.

    Horse's had 5 & worked two one around cattle & the other sleading cabiges & spuds down the hill to the truck for market. she was a draft was a lovely mate to me, i could do any thing around her. now sound i would whisle to her 1 / 2 a mile away. she would be at the top of the hill by the time i got to the gate she was waiting.for me.
    my other two horse's did the same pitch black at night they knew it was me. at the gate waiting. could not see me yet knew, when there they would nuge me .

    Now heres an interesting one pigions some 30 odd one as soon as i was in the loft would fly over on to my shoulder & stay while i did my cleaning or what ever, allmost every day .

    Now i dought my clothes had much to do with it, so. for myself voice sight smell & whisle or just the contact.

    try this we had oposums one as soon as i moved any where was hard on my heels then jump up to get on my shoulders, to be with me, now i brought this one up & Kaylyn had one & did the same.

    Most cats & dogs like being around myself & would come with me even though one woman had two dobe's love them she said be carefull around them they wont like you . so i said by the end of the day ill have them in my waggon to go home you wont ....well end of the day the girl was allready comeing with me in the waggon next day the boy was ready to come. go figger, & thats not the first time with dogs. 3rd Dobe was the same,

    Now did any of those detect what i am or is this just my nature around animales .I did love my goats & spent a lot of time with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taylor Ray View Post
    wow, finally some comedy! nice work gals. love to keep it lighthearted sometimes and serious sometimes.

    maybe add some controls to the experiment, like wearing mc hammer pants and lady gaga perfume.

    or borrow a cat outfit from your local sports team!
    Or maybe one of those Madonna bras that make you look like you were hit in the back with a couple of cruise missles?
    All I ever wanted was to be a girl. Is that really asking too much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelley View Post
    I don't think it is a male female thing. I believe animals pick up on the vibes people give off a and react better to those who are truly kind, loving and nurturing. I believe women have these qualities more often than men.
    I agree here, and might I add....dogs are a VERY good judge of character.

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    My inlaws had a bird that hated men. All men. One time they let it out an my sister in law had it sitting near her on the sofa. Without thinking, I sat down on the other end. The bird headed for me to attack me and she caught it just in time.

    Our puppy treats me the same if I'm dressed as a man, dressed as a woman, or not dressed at all. That's not scientific, I know. She likes just about anybody.
    [SIGPIC] 0356[/SIGPIC]Linda

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    My ex housemate had a big Mastiff, that was crazy about my guy self. But, when i came out of my room, dressed up, with a wig, she would bolt away, and hide! I guess it depends on the dog. My cats don't care how i am dressed! I applaud you for your choice of career!

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    and how did go that day

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