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Thread: Wearing Wifes Clothes with Size Difference

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leslie Langford View Post
    I do, however, take exception with Eryn's blanket statement that "...Women are very sensitive to others wearing their clothing..."
    I should have added the phrase "...without their knowledge." but I thought that it was implied by my final statement.
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    Heh... As a rule I do not borrow my SO's clothes... She of course does not hold to the same code.

    Most of the time I don't care, like when she wears my jeans. But I do have a small collection of T-shirts that are special to me. I don't wear them often (for preservation's sake). But she, not understanding the importance, will wear them like yesterday's laundry.

    On one such occasion I commented somethig to the effect of "isn't it funny that you wearing my clothes is perfectly accepted by society, but my wearing yours is not." She countered with (in effect) "hey, what's mine is yours. knock yourself out." She knows I CD but is not enthusiastic.

    Again, as a rule I do not wear her clothes. I just wanted to make the point.

    Today I underdress everyday and my panties go through the laundry and end up back in my underwear drawer.

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    Its wrong to wear hers go get your own.

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    Does she know? If not go and buy your own!

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    Not a good idea under any circumstances. If she doesn't know, she will notice stretched damaged garments. If she does know, she'll tell you to buy your own.

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    Stop wearing your wife's clothes, no good will come of it. Go out and buy your own.

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    John, I'd be willing to wager that once you have tried on your favorite item(s) in the correct size your current question would be a non-issue. There is no way to really explain what a good fit feels like.
    Quote Originally Posted by marlenesexton View Post
    I also look at those small, thin guys, you know like 5'5 , 135 lbs, and wonder. Do they crossdress?. Probably waste it and haven't put on a dress in their lives.
    Never assume anything. My wife knows she will never fit in my sz 0 pants. (5'9" , 133 lbs.)

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    My wife will let me borrow anything I like but I do not think it is right for me to do so as there is a size difference and I would not want to brake anything of hers so I wait until she has finished with it to try it on but unfortunately it is usually far to small to fit me unless it is a wool thing that has gone baggy over time , so it's buy my own most of the time ( well to be honest my wife will quite often buy it for me )

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    Yep, get your own wardrobe. My wife has put on some weight, and, I have been stable for a long time. I know she can wear many of my dresses, if she knew about them. She has two that she has never worn (Kohl's) that definitely would fit me. I so want to wear them. But! They're hers. I always wonder, if I were to pass away tomorrow, what she would do with all the Venezia and Merona dresses and others that would fit her? Would she dispose of them because they would reminder her of her non acceptance or would she think I had good sense of style and keep them?

    As to wearing the clothing of others without an invite...don't! When I was a teenager and dabbling with my mother's undergarments, I wore her one and only black bra that had no stretch to it. I broke one strap. I quickly put it back. Nothing was ever said. Did he know? Was it me? Or my brother? Women know when you mess with their stuff!

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    First, welcome to the forum.

    Second, wearing your wife's clothes is a cardinal sin without obtaining her permission. A large percentage of women are not OK with this and consider it a violation of their privacy.

    Third, I suggest you remove the comments about her body shape. This is a public forum and if your wife finds your comments, chances are very high there will be some contaminated ventilators in your house. This is often a very touchy issue for the genetic ladies.

    And lastly, it's time you owned up to your wife about wearing her clothes. Chances are good she already knows something is up and is waiting for an opportunity. Don't get caught, as this can easily be dynamite in your situation.

    I haven't read all of the thread, but this is a long-closed thread about disclosure written by a respected GG who no longer posts:

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    Be careful with the butt remarks
    Definitely need your own undies
    I am able to wear some of my wife's tops,but always ask first....ask please thanks
    Wife let's me " borrow" jewelry
    If money is the problem,use The Salvation Army Store. I have purchased many nice articles that look new,and the purchases
    help the SalvationArmy help other people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Homesteadjohn View Post
    Im curious on how anyone dresses up in their wifes clothes if your wife is alot smaller than you are. .................. .
    Well, you don't. You can't. That's why they make different sizes and you can't get a size eighteen body into a size ten dress. If you try, you will either stretch the clothes or rip them.

    I'm guessing that you are dressing when she is not around and she doesn't know about it. I can tell you from experience that life is a lot easier if she does know about it. You don't have the fear of being caught.

    Telling her is a decision you have to make on your own and there have been many threads on it.

    If you choose not to tell her, my advice would be to get your own clothes and keep them out of sight. There have been many threads on how to do this also.
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    It looks like you are new to the forum and maybe even new to C/D. First off welcome and you will get a mix of answers that is for sure to any question you post. If your new you will be learning and making a few mistakes and most of us have been in your shoes. I would tell you that it is important not to wreck your wife clothing. Get your courage and mind set right and go and buy 1 article of clothing. I would suggest Wal-Mart they have a wide selection and there is always a great clearance rack.

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    I lived with my wife for several years before we got married. I purged all of my clothes before moving in with her, but soon found myself trying on her clothes. I fit into a lot of her clothes, except for shoes. I slowly started to build up my own collection of clothes again, but I couldn't resist her great wardrobe. Years later, when I came out to her with my CDing, me wearing her clothes was a regular source of drama and arguments. Not worth it. Best to get your own own clothes, even more so if you and your wife are not the same size.

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    I look at wearing your wife's clothes without her knowing or her giving you permission, as a gross invasion of privacy.It is just so wrong many ways, regardless of size or fit.
    I've had 2 wives that knew and accepted my being a CD. Also my last girlfriend knew and accepted it. In all those years I NEVER tried on their clothes. Respect your wife and go buy your own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReineD View Post
    Buy your own stuff. Better yet, tell your wife and THEN buy your own stuff.
    I totally agree! My wife and I share many things like T's and skirts often. I did wear her things before I told her. Now I have my own clothes and we have agreed to share.

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    You should have chosen your mate by what dress size she wore! like I did.... of coarse then mine got larger and I got smaller and now its the other way around.... I was a prolific "borrower" when I was younger and I'm sure I stretched out way more than I realized.... Even wore my 10th grade english teachers lingerie more than a few times! Just remember.... Its easier to ask forgiveness that it is permission! lol
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    The only time I would wear my wife's things is if she suggested it. She is smaller than me so it's not that practical though she had me try on her wedding dress after we got married. <GRIN!!!> On the other hand she can try anything I own. I had her try my favorite peach colored 38B bra and now it's her favorite and a staple in her wardrobe! I've made up for it! Oh well......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karren Hutton View Post
    ................... Even wore my 10th grade english teachers lingerie more than a few times! ..................

    OK Karren , I KNOW there's a story there somewhere , but I don't believe that there is a section rated for it !
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    There was a time, 37 years ago, when if I laid on the bed, pulled in with all my might on my gut, blew out all of the air in my lungs, I could just barely close the zipper and button on a beautiful pair of lambskin pants that my wife had.

    Today, neither of us can fit into the pants that still hang in her closet. We have vastly different sizes now and I buy my own clothes so I don't shred, oops, I mean stretch hers.
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    I have the good fortune of having a wife who *used* to be close to my size, at least for blouses, skirts, and dresses. Since she lost a lot of her weight, she has selectively passed along a number of items to me. Kinda the best of all worlds ... I don't borrow her clothes without permission, yet I get to wear a lot of her clothes anyway.


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    Buy your own
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    I agree with all the good comments - tell your wife, buy your own stuff and forget the big butt comments.

    I am impressed, however, that you have successfully worn her panties, jeans and tops being 50 pounds heavier and 5 inches taller. Nice work!

    You will have much more fun with your own heels, a sexy dress which fits and panties which don't cut off your circulation.

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