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    A few pondering thoughts I have had recently include 1}the percentage of married men that CD vs.single ones.
    2)It seems to me that most Cders on this site that post are white which leads me to ask does correlation exist of the pecentage of any ethnic background(white,black asian,hispanic etc)I mean is the percentage similar in relation to the population numbers.
    3)Does ones' reiligious back ground enter into how often one might purge or try to quit
    4)For those that are widowers are they continuing on in an attempt to see things through the eyes of their late spouse

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    1. Probably more married men dress secretly or do some things that used to be considered for females only such as nails manicured, matching clothes, hair and skin taken care of better and today this is not considered feminine. So age is a factor in what we are calling dressing...
    2. I would bet there are many more white, blacks, and Asians than Hispanics that are dressers.
    3. I think religion plays an important part of why we do or do not dress. I am very religious and read my Bible daily, I also believe there is nothing wrong with dressing. Mans traditions that have been exerted into religion are what causes many to feel guilty about sex, dressing, and has turned many totally against God. God is love.
    4. I am not an widower but when I dress I see a girl I would love to have become if I had been born female. This also depends on my mood when I dress.
    Just my opinion....

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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    The married figure would be skewed because more married men need an outlet for dressing.
    There are other language sites around, try Spanish.
    Probably similar with everyone.
    Religion plays a big part in people's outlook.
    For widowers, they probably have more freedom now.
    I know that is a sad way to put it and I do not want to lose my spouse for more freedom.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weyburn View Post
    ....... It seems to me that most Cders on this site that post are white..........
    There is no requirement to state your race or ethnicity to be on this site and there's no requirement to post a photo or to post a photo that's actually of you so I don't think we can reliably determine the race or ethnicity of the members.

    Another thing that would skew any attempt at determining general information on crossdressers from this forum is, the people on this forum are those who are well enough off or educated enough to have, or have access to computers in a place where they are comfortable being on a crossdressing website. This would leave out a large part of the population of the world.

    And of course there's the age old question of "what is a crossdresser?" As I sit at my computer I'm wearing a wig, jewelry, light makeup, bra and forms, padded panties, tights, a skirt and blouse, and 3" heels. I probably fit the mold.

    What about the guy who goes out in "drag" only on halloween? Is he a crossdresser? What about the guy who wears women's panties to bed? Is he a crossdresser?
    [SIGPIC] 0356[/SIGPIC]Linda

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    1) I’m happily single, but women are all around me. That’s how I want it to be...
    2) I wouldn’t know. I was born white. I had absolutely NO say in the matter...
    3) Beats me. I’m not religious. Am I really praying in my avatar?
    4) I’m not a widower but my crossdressing may be an attempt to “replace” my missing female cousin...

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    I don't think there is anyway to really know.
    I don't think ethnic back ground has anything to do with it there are CD's all over the world.
    Pretty sure religion would keep some from doing it or at least shame a member into stopping.
    I wouldn't get into trying to get hard numbers on anything CD related

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    In terms of general population, I did read somewhere that a survey was done about Crossdressing. It involved many european countries and the united states. It didnt go into religion, ethnicity, marital status or any of those specifics, but just focused on MtF Crossdressing. The numbers stated that out of the total population that the survey was given to, 20% regularly crossdress whether in the privacy of their own home or publicly. If you include those who have simply tried on womens lingerie at some point in their lives, the numbers jumped up to around 45%. Concerning sexual orientation, they found that there was no difference inside the Crossdressing community as outside. On average, 20% of the general male population were homosexual and roughly the same 20% of the Crossdressers were homosexual. It showed that one out of 20 men crossdress on a regular basis, and 80% of that 20% total are supposedly heterosexual. Not sure if that answes anything, but it definitly makes me look around more at the men in the grocery stores. Statistically, by the time you pass 20 men, you have already come across a Crossdresser. I wish I could remember the artical I read that info in. It was an older article from 2010 which means there may be an even bigger % of us now.

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