So yesterday, I grilled some hamburgers for dinner and while going outside, I decided...meh, what the hell....and slipped on my wifes flats (actually flats I bought for myself that my wife forbid me to wear and then stole) and walked outside with them on to do the grilling.
My kids were out on the trampoline and while things were cooking, I laid back on my patio recliner. My son came over to me and gave me a hug and was just hanging out with me. After about 5 min or so, he was like...are those mommy's shoes? I chuckled and was like...yep! He laughed a little and said..they have hearts on them. I looked on the sole of the shoe and saw the hearts and said "they sure do dont they". I like em. These shoes are super comfy. He laughed again and ran back to the trampoline to go back to playing. He was laughing but he really could care less. At 9 years old, and being the sweetest kid on the planet, he just accepted it in stride and went on.
After he went back to playing, I got up and checked on the burgers. My wife came outside and brought some cheese to put on them and noticed my shoes. She made an exclamation sound but then quickly recovered and didnt say a word.
When bringing all the food in the house, I noticed that she had moved my shoes right next to the door so that I wouldnt wear hers anymore. She took it well I thought. Of course later on, I wore my shoes up to our room and took them off there so that they werent as easily accessible hehe.

Later on, my son put my wifes flats on and was running around the back yard saying...I stole your shoes daddy! it made me wife didnt find it as funny and yelled at him to take them off and put them back inside. When we got inside, I gave him a hug and told him not to worry, that he wasnt in trouble. I love that kid!