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Thread: Nice Experience Buying Panties

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    Nice Experience Buying Panties

    I stopped at an outlet mall to buy some panties at the Bali/Platex/Leggs store. I was looking for my favorite Bali panties, when a sales assistant approached me and asked if she could help. I told her I knew what I was looking for and thanked her. She said if you have any questions let me know. Then it dawned on me I wanted another Bali Flower bra. So I asked her if she had it in a 44B. She went to check and came back to let me know she did not have it in that size. Then she said, it really is a lovely bra. I agreed and without thinking said that I loved mine. She smiled and said she could order it for me if I wanted. I said no. Then we walked to the check out. She rang up my panties and put them in a bag. Then she smiled and said, "enjoy your new panties". I smiled and said, I will. Then she said, please come back soon.

    I felt so good when I walked out. She was a great sales assistant!

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    The Bali/Playtex/Leggs store is usually pretty good. Glad to hear you had a good experience!

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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    Be up front and ask the questions and your experience is usually quite good.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    I have lately found shopping to be a real pleasure, mostly because of the SA's I have met. Without exception, they have been supportive and very helpful, giving me a final opinion on how that dress really works on me. There's something magical about trying on that special outfit and then getting a compliment or two from the SA. I always come away feeling fantastic about myself and my purchases.

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    I have had a good experience at a Vanity Fair Outlet store. While I never admitted that the panties and the slip were for me, I am sure by the conversation about whether the slip ran true to size or large or small and my preference on color, size and style of panties, I am sure she figured it out. She was as pleasant as could be, answered all my questions and we chatted about the weather. I should have asked her about trying on the slip but I still am not quite that bold yet. Maybe next time

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    I am curious, how many slips do they have? I remember being in a Bali store 8 or 9 years ago, and they had an entire rack full of half slips, I had never seen so many slips in my life in one store! They didn't have much in the way of full slips, and almost no camisole slips (they are almost impossible to find nowadays, and I really prefer to wear one under all my blouses.)

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    Anna, the store manager recognizes me every time I shop in the Gaffney SC LHBP store. She always makes me feel welcome. Great SA and manager.

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    I agree Dee. My wife and I have bought bras and panties at the Gaffney store. The SA are both friendly and helpful. The LHBP stores are great at Concord Mills and Winston Salem too.

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