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Thread: Is your voice the last piece?

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    try talking like julia child and see if u can find a range some were from that

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    You're Marina regardless of how your voice may sound. but if it bothers you, just keep practicing. You'll get better at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarinaKirax View Post
    For those who want to pass, or are at least happy with their feminine appearance, How much of a missing piece is your voice? For me, it means I cant do a lot. I can walk outside, shop, but I cant go to a restaurant and order a meal, or interact with SA's and not be read, or speak to a taxi driver or hotel clerk and not be read. If I had a passable voice, I really feel sometimes I could just decide to be female for the day. But without it, I'm not BEING Marina, I'm just dressing like her. You know?
    I'm the same way....if I had a better voice I would just go out as a girl...OFTEN. lol.
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    I don't care at all about the pitch of my voice. I do have a smooth sounding voice and I'm striving to have feminine speech patterns. However, my speaking voice is around 80 to 100 Hz (typical male is around 120 Hz and female about 200 Hz).

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    Having a feminine voice is not the end all of your goal to "pass". However, there is a certain terrific satisfaction in accomplishing this. I have met CDs in the past who I wasn't quite sure were female, but their voices really convinced me they were GGs... to my wondrous admiration when I learned otherwise. For my own satisfaction, this is a major goal of mine for the future. But, I know it will take time. Speaking higher up in your voice box, breathing from the stomach instead of the chest when you speak, speaking softer, enunciating each word (especially consonants) and avoiding a breathless sound, understanding the musicality and rhythm of a feminine voice (many words end on an up note unlike a masculine voice)... and working on your falsetto (Minnie mouse) voice to condition your vocal cords to speaking in a natural, higher voice (be careful not to damage you vocal cords by doing this for too long each time), recording your voice (none of us can hear ourselves as we really sound without listening to a recording) and try to match a voice graph of your voice to a recording of a natural feminine voice (there are some free programs for this on the internet) and buy an electronic chromatic tuner to practice matching your voice to a pitch of about 220 Hz. Anyway, I practice each day, at home and in my car and hope that within the next year I can move my voice along to a realistically sounding feminine voice. Hopefully, by that time, my weight loss program will also have succeeded and then... Las Vegas here I come!!! It's this gal's night out!! LOL

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