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Thread: First Post: Need a little bit of help

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    First Post: Need a little bit of help

    I have been crossdressing for the last 9 years although I have always been very lax about it. Mostly just stealing my moms panties and some of her clothing, I came here because I need some help getting a little more serious.

    If anyone would be kind enough to post a link to a guide or give me some tips on tucking, fitting, makeup, etc. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

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    I really don't have any advice to offer you at this time, but do want to welcome you to the forum Britt!!
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    Hi Britt, welcome to the forum. May I ask where specifically you are from? Are you from the City of some other location in NY?

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    Welcome here Britt, to this very friendly forum. All your questions can be answered by searching through this forum and members advice. As for you "getting a little more serious", please start by NEVER barrowing your mom's (or any other GG's) panties! Buy your own feminine items to save yourself future issues related to "barrowing"! Many here will help you to expand your feminine side, no matter how far you want to go with it. Enjoy your stay.

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    There's a sticky devoted to tucking at the top of this forum. Make up tips and instructions are on youtube. Explore this site to find everything for the 'serious' CD LOL.

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    I'm from lower Westchester county, which is just north of the city and thank you for making me feel welcome.

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    Britt, I'll wager a lot of cross-dresses start borrowing from friends and/or family. If you get serious about it, nothing will fit and feel better that your own personal attire. Just depends where you are in the journey, but please consider starting to outfit your own personal wardrobe. I believe you will look better, feel better and more thoroughly enjoy the experience.

    Hugs, Robin

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    Welcome in Britt. There is a lot of information buried here in posts under the different topics you've mentioned. As you get more posts up with some details there will be girls who can direct you to specific sites or address issues you are struggling with. Don't try to do it all at once or expect to get it all the way you want the first times, try to be patient.
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    Welcome to the forum and as your question is wide ranging and not specific, it does make it difficult to reply.
    The reply you ask for is contained on the internet and is many pages long.
    Stay here and read a while first.
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    and beauty will follow.

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    Hi Britt

    I have to agree with Beverley in that “your question is wide ranging and not specific, it does make it difficult to reply.”

    You state that you have been crossdressing for nine years. Many of the members here started when they were very young and nine years would place them still in their teens. Others didn’t start until much later (called late bloomers) and nine years might place them on the far side of fifty or sixty. However since you also made reference to stealing your Mom’s panties, I’m going to assume that you are your twenties, probably early twenties?

    Do you live alone? Living at home is somewhat problematic as very few young crossdressers want their parents to know about their crossdressing. Are you single? Wives too can be problematic and most men are scared to tell their wives or significant others (SO’s) about their crossdressing. Now if you have your own apartment, and you are living alone, and your Mother doesn’t drop in unannounced or comes by when you are not home to clean, then you may be in pretty good shape.

    As already stated there is a Sticky “The Art of Tucking v2.0” at the top of the list of threads for this forum.

    You can find thousands of videos on YouTube on how to apply makeup. Start out simple; remember the old adage KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). You’ll see techniques for eye makeup that look fantastic but are unbelievably difficult to do. One of the first things you need is a foundation that actually matches your skin. This is both exceedingly easy, and very difficult. All you have to do is go to any MAC or Sephora store or go to any large department store and walk up to one of the cosmetic’s kiosks, and tell the SA that you want some foundation for yourself. Ah ha, that is the difficult part, telling the SA that the foundation is for you. Believe me, the SA couldn’t care less, all she cares about is the commission is she is going to make from the sale; I’d bet that she sells cosmetics to men on a daily basis.

    You’ve probably noticed that women have busts, and because women have busts their cloths (tops and dresses) are made different. You probably want a bust too and that means you need a bra for starters. Measure around your chest, just under where your boobs would be if you had them (you do have pectoral muscles so measure under these) that is your band size. Next comes cup size and since you don’t have your own boobs you get to choose what cup size you want – one advantage to being a crossdresser. A “C” cup is sort of a standard size, a “D” cup is larger and a “B” cup is smaller. A 36C has a small cup than a 44C, in other words the actual cup size is proportional to the band size. I’m a big guy, I measure 44 inches around my chest, and I’m over weight to boot; a 44D looks good on me.

    Once you decide on what cup size you want you need to go buy a bra, or order one online; I like Penny’s for bras. Now you need something to put in that bra since you don’t have your own boobs. Silicone breast forms are the most realistic. They are soft and pliable so they feel like the real thing, they move when you move like the real, they even become warm after being worn for awhile, but they can be expensive. You can cut the foot off of pantyhose and fill it with birdseed or rice and of course there is the old standby – water balloons. Water balloons like silicone breast forms feel great, they move, they even get warm, and they are exceedingly cheap, but they pop!

    Women’s sizes are confusing. Clothes come in Juniors, Misses, Petites, Women’s, and Plus Sizes, and then there is also short, medium and long for some types of clothing. Put your bra on, and put whatever you are using for breasts in it, now measure your bust – that would be at the fullest part of your bust. Then also measure your waist and your hips; if you have a body shaper put that on before taking the measurements. Armed with your vital measurements you are ready to try and find your woman’s size on any one of thousands of sizing charts. Macy’s, Penny’s, etc all have online sizing charts. You’ll probably be somewhat surprised to find out that sizes have nothing to do with any of the measurements; for example a Misses size 8 fits a bust from 36 ½ - 37, a waist from 28 ½ - 29, and hips from 38 – 38 ½ (from Penny’s dress chart).

    Good luck and enjoy your time as a girl.

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    We used to get people who had spent years "lurking" before they joined the forum. All that reading was an education to them and by the time they introduced themselves, they had very few questions to ask. I did that. Welcome to the forum. Try using the "search" function and always look at the "stickies". There's tons of helpful information here for your questions.

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    Hi Britt, Welcome to our forum when you are here you are home.

    If you have a question someone here will have some kind of an answer for you.
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    See below for a link to my Internet Advice Column for crossdressers, "Ask Windy Cissy" which I haven't updated in years but you may find some useful practical tips. Have fun with us!

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    Britt, Welcome to a Forum where you will find all the advice you may need in this, your early journey. So you get an idea of the diversity of life style and location the CDs come from all over the world and every continent where there is civilization. Suggest that you sift through the advice you receive also due to the stages in CDing that the giver may be in.
    To help make you feel at home here I lived in Larchmont and went to school in Mamaroneck, graduated into the military in 1943.
    Good luck

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