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Thread: I did it again

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    I did it again

    This is the second time in a few weeks I almost walked into the wrong bathroom. I was at a restaurant for lunch today(in drab) and had to go to the restroom. I rounded the corner and pushed open the women's restroom door and walked in before I realized what I was doing. Luckily nobody was in there. I quickly backtracked and went to the men's room.
    I didn't even think it was unusual until I saw myself in the mirror and realized the mistake I made.

    Has this happened to anyone else?


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    Not me. Only time I have trouble is when the restaurant gets all artsy-fartsy with naming conventions, and I can't tell for certain which room I should enter.

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    I did it once. I'd been working late, with others at a remote office, and on the way back, around 2AM, we pulled into a rest stop on the NJ Turnpike to have some dinner. The place was very empty, and I stumbled into the bathroom. I noticed that they'd upgraded the hangars in the stalls. It wasn't until after I'd left the bathroom that I was in the ladies' room and the hangars were purse holders.

    Even though I was in male mode, I didn't get spotted. Fortunately, no one else was in there, so I didn't get into trouble.

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    I did that once. I just went in to wash my hands,so I never even noticed there were no urinals. I didn't realize it until I looked in the mirror and saw my wife standing behind me asking what I was doing in the ladies room. Good thing she saw me go in there!

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    A long time ago I was a systems consultant for a big consulting house, lots of hours, pretty good paycheck, etc..... You do enough consulting and all these sites look the same.

    So I was up the night before coding until 2am; I had to be there at 8am the next day. This was a in a big city, so I got 3 hours of sleep. The next morning I wake up, drive to the site which was more than a while away, so I had some coffee on the way. When I arrive, I had to take a piece as they say and had to go number 2 also. Dead tired I was. I go in sit on the can, in my suit and tie, we had to wear those then. I'm thinking about how a few more hours of sleep would do me well, when the odd click clack of high heel pumps drifts into the stall next to me. Off come the panyhose and skirt in the next stall and what I assume a nice number 2 commences in that stall.

    Deep panic sets in at this point for me. I'm wearing a wool suit with wing tips and "my" number 2 was quite foul (sorry but it was). I'm thinking I could loose my job, be publicly humiliated, etc. I raise my feet thinking maybe the other person won't notice. We both finish our business, she leaves the stall and the bathroom. I finish my business, and I throw everything back into place and leave the women's restroom totally and utterly embarrassed.

    Nothing was ever said, I didn't loose my job, we finished the consulting gig, the partners' were happy, everybody made money. And to this day I will always remember the sound of women's high heels walking into the stall next to me and having that Oh S*&^ moment.

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    It's been a few years since I've done it, but I have to say I've done it plenty. I just read "Women" and think I go there. I also read "Men" and think I go there. There have been a couple of times where there was a woman there who said something to the effect of "Tired of the men's room? Since you made it this far, you may as well do your business before leaving." One of those was in a busy airport, heh. I still left and found the men's room, because I had to do something like was ossian described.

    At the end of the day, a toilet's a toilet, right?

    Oddly, I haven't done it since I started dressing regularly, but maybe that's simply because I've learned to be more aware of what I look like before I go into a bathroom.

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    I went into the ladies room in college once. A woman came in seconds after I did, I turned to look at her and then began to tell her she was in the wrong rest room because I surely am not. We debated briefly until we both went to go look together. Some awkward jokes shadowed my embarrassment to the men's room. I guess I just wanted to be a lady...
    He wishes he was her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissTee View Post
    Not me. Only time I have trouble is when the restaurant gets all artsy-fartsy with naming conventions, and I can't tell for certain which room I should enter.
    I hate when they do that! If for some reason they think they just absolutely have to do that, at least they could put little signs below saying "Men" and "Women" (or "Ladies").

    Off topic, but what I hate even more is that they seem to think they must have music in the restrooms and it must be as loud as possible.
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    I accidentally walked into the women restroom this past Tuesday morning while traveling though Barstow CA.

    It was early in the morning at the McDonald's. There were all kinds of temporary signs on the doors, mostly in Spanish, that distracted my attention.

    Did my business and was washing my hands when the girl came in to clean the restroom and told me that I was in the wrong restroom. As I walked out she pointed to the men's room.

    Too late, already done my business.
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    Oh yes, I've done that. But, it wasn't from temporary gender emulation confusion. I was working construction and renovating offices while they remained open. All of the furnishings and signage had been removed from the walls. I absent mindedly walked into a bathroom stall, dropped my pants and sat down. Whew! Just made it in time. I looked down and noticed a box for used, well, you know. Just as I realized my mistake, I heard the door open and a gaggle of high heels clicking and jingly jewelry chattering women came in. I sat real still but observed through the crack in the stall door as three sexy women reapplied their make-up and adjusted their bras and pantyhose. One well endowed lady took her blouse off and hung it on the back of the door to the stall I was sitting perfectly still in. After they left I quickly skedaddled and I've re-told this story many times.
    I've waited so long for this time. Makeup is so frustrating. Shaking hands and I look so old. This was a mistake.
    My new maid's outfit is cute. Sure fits tight.
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    My adventure is the reverse. I was en femme at an Eagles club with a bunch of girlfriends enjoying their live band. Somehow I managed to end up in the "boys" restroom. No one else was in there and I was really wondering why there were urinals in there. Just figured they were remodeling and hadn't removed them yet. My girlfriends were quite amused at my mistake. The doors were labeled correctly, I was just "out to lunch" even though it was early evening!

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    I drink way too much coffee and when I am on the road, I buy at *bucks. If the men's room is busy and the women's room isn't, I use the women's. I ALWAYS leave the seat down! The few times I have encountered a woman when leaving the room, I have never had a negative comment or look.
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    Yes, I did a long time ago.

    This restaurant we went to quite a bit was kind of cute with the rest room signs.

    On the men's room was a sign saying women's, but it was on a hand with an outstretched finger pointing to the women's room next door. On the women's room was the opposite. A sign saying men's with the outstretched finger pointing to the men's room.

    So, I walk into the "men's room" totally ignoring the outstretched finger. And under the nearest stall I see a pair of red pumps facing forward. So, I immediately jump to the conclusion that there is a vey brave CD in the men's room stall. Oh, well. So I start heading for the urinal, and there isn't one. Gee, that's strange. Oh, poo, poo, poo. I'm in the wrong bathroom. So, I make a quick escape before Miss Red Pumps comes out and sees me.
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    A little humour here. Many restrooms have pictures of trousers for men and skirts for women. Yet, all women in trousers use the "skirted" restroom, they should be advised to use the other one. Likewise, men in skirts should use the "skirted" one. Any disagreement?

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