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Thread: Dressed in My Dreams

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    I can't remember dreams while sleeping, but daydreams all the time.

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    I had a dream the other night that I was in a room with racks of panties and I was selecting which ones I want. Last night I dreamt I was wearing silk leggings with girlie socks! I don't remember what else I was wearing though.I wish I could remember more the dreams seemed so real..........

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    Over the years I had a re-occurring dream. This has happened on many occasions. The dreams involve my being dressed in a slip and panties. I am aware that this may be seen by people as being strange but I seem able to go on doing the normal things. I keep thinking people will look but it doesn’t appear to be causing any problems. I feel a need to cover myself but I do not do it. I have a feeling of freedom and am enjoying myself immensely. I seem to feel no shame.


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    As far as I can recollect, I've only had one dream in which was dressed.

    I dreamt that I finally got up the courage to go out all dolled up and was walking through a mall when I noticed that I had forgotten to shave my legs. The thing that was weird was that I had about 10 times the amount of hair on my legs as I do in real life if I don't shave my legs. We're talking Sasquatch legs here. The rest of the dream was me running around the mall looking for a store that sold razors and shaving cream or Veet or Nair or something. The only store I could find was selling the No No thing but for two thousand dollars.

    The next thing I remember was walking in the parking lot with a dog that asked me if I wanted to play Frisbee....go figure!
    I sometimes think I'm such a fairy

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    I actually literally just woke up from a dream where I was a transgender teen going to a private school. At a football game, they were handing out team shirts; a stack for guys and a stack for girls. I went over to the girls stack and started looking for my size and the teacher stopped me and told me I was in the wrong section. I looked at her dead in the eyes and said "no I'm not." She got the hint and understood perfectly. She pulled me aside and asked why I was hiding who I am. I told her I was afraid and she said screw everyone else. She then took me to the school uniform store and picked out my size in the uniform skirt, shoes, and blouse and told me to never hide who I am.

    There was more to the dream but it went as dreams go and started changing subjects and moved on. But, for the rest of the dream, I was fully dressed and being who I am inside.

    I am literally still laying in bed as I type this reminiscing on the dream. I feel like i am going to be on cloud 9 for the rest of the day.

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