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Thread: Close call: unexpected friend

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    Close call: unexpected friend

    There's nobody I'd know that'd be here I said to myself after thinking who might see me; of course it was another bold statement that was wrong and could've caught me out.Let me backtrack a moment.

    During Crossdressing closeted we always hope not to get caught out; It may have been done to death but if you guys want to share your closest calls or those times you eventually got caught I'd love to know. In my time I have had my close calls years ago back closer to my early more frequent wearing days the two closest being when I was wearing an underwired body under my pjamas and dad had then came into bed to say goodnight and I had to make sure the wire didn't touch him, the time I left a control top tights on top of the spare bed in room and brother came in (lucky he didn't see it) and the time when wearing heels i heard my dad come through the gate I had to run and put the shoes back in mothers room. This maybe not so extreme but some good luck.

    As on threads this week I have been looking shopping and the other day on sat saw some nice panties in a store at a train station. Yesterday I was travelling back home and at somewhere I often travel to go back home I notice this same store will i buy in public my first item; after much deliberation and after grabbing food and loitering more outside the shop i go and look at the panties. Thinking i'm at this place its a chance to buy them and who would I know be round about here being soo unlikely. I look on the racks find a size Medium of a nice style (not sure if a large might have fitted a tiny bit better now on the ass) buy it no fuss from shop assistant who probably knew from my earlier outside antics.

    Now I have the new panties in a carrier bag of branding that could only be "women's clothing/ accessories) I walk out to the main seating area then think to put the plastic bag in a pocket of the bag i had for travelling and I quickly go to the toilets to get them tried on . As i walk up the steps to the toilets I see sitting down, my best friend from home! Although I know he had something to do in the country I could not have thought that he was travelling from this location! It was coincidental i was too. If I still had that bag in my head i was done for . A spell of good luck was in store.

    Enjoying my panties now anyway wearing them last night . I'll not be wearing them full time and got to order the one good fitting brand of male pants I'm a big fan of to wear normally. Hopefully I will keep these at the moment and will be able to think whether to keep accepting a little more at the moment that this is part of me and not to purge so quickly this time unlike last time I bought Tights and threw them away the day after.

    p.s. Although this has a slight bit about shopping it's prime thread is not about this experience and therefore I believe it should be in this site area

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    I'm sure that you were filled with "fear" of being outed, and it sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your new purchase. Please don't purge them and keep them as a reminder of your trip.
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    Do not purge, that is wasteful, just go with the flow and what you feel comfortable with.
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    Hope this is just the beginning of many panty buying trips for you in the future. It never gets old.
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    I Doubt I will purge them this time; wore them last night and a good part of today and didn't feel bad about it . Clothes after all, and got a good hiding place too so not much worry of getting "outed" then again i'm not to bothered if my family (living back at home atm) catch me but it'll hopefully not come to that ! Looking forward to Christmas and get that lingerie for myself I wished was under the tree from at the age of 12-16 or which was given to me in secret by my mum who knew a few items at times went missing ha. Onviously after 16 i still wished a lingerie/hoisery christmas but to a more hidden and uneasy extend as I tried to ween off it all .

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