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Thread: Severity, Frequency and Causes of PINK FOG?

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    Severity, Frequency and Causes of PINK FOG?

    Hi All,

    I posted a thread about this before but would love to zone in on the severity/intensity and frequency of pink fog experienced by others.

    When the fog rolls in for me - and it's random as hell with no forewarning - the intensity of it is all encompassing and appears to get more intense each time.

    I would not be lying to say that during these phases I would if offered - start Hormone treatment and have breast implants on the spot. I always think about being a woman but during these foggy times, it's a whole new level. I'm beginning to wonder if it's a sign that I really am TS because as time rolls on the severity and intensity of it just gets stronger and stronger.

    Would love to hear other's thoughts and musings.


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    Michelle, you describe me in this. I am in it right now and it is really unbearable, I talked to a GG friend of mine last night about this and she and I are both convinced that this is something much more than a clothing thing and that the full range of gender dysphoria is pretty prevalent for me. I am still coming to grips with it and trying to find a balance for me, I think that once that balance is found then the pink fog will subside a bit. Megan

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    I have only opened up to CDing for myself since last december, so a lot of it is still new to me as well, and I am rolling through it all. I would say that so far, I am lucky that I have not felt the full force of the fog roll in on me yet. Some may say unlucky... But, there are times where I feel it more so than other times. Some days I just feel more connected to women than men, and then other days were I feel more connected to men than women. Most days I would say I feel somewhat in the middle, and within a day I can swing back and forth depending on what I am doing, or sometimes it is just random feelings of masculinity or femininity.

    What I have accomplished since last December is to begin the journey of self acceptance. And there are days where I am doing this well, other days not as well. Overall, I am more accepting of myself than where I was at nearly a year ago. Still a ways to go.
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    Taking the time and effort to really get in touch with the deep feelings that drive this will answer many questions. I took ownership of all of my feelings, made them my own and no "pink fog" controls me in any way. I make the choice of whether to dress or not and I alone bear responsibility for my actions. The only "fog" I experience nowadays is that which is made by the "fog machine" when I'm dancing at the club.
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    In my own experience, once you let yourself free to learn and explore CDing and truly accept yourself a lot of the compulsion goes away. Separate from that, I had lapses of pink fog and that has slowly dropped as I feel more comfortable with myself (I notice this is parallel to other issues in my life where certain obligations used to really stress me, but now I've learned to not worry as much)...when I look back, I see CDing as an escape. I still enjoy the challenge in it, but not for the same reasons.

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    You are right, it is pretty devastating, I get into this super depressive moods swings where I hate myself, my life and cannot stand to be around anybody. But then the fog lifts and I realize how blessed I am to have a supportive wife and a loving family. I love my profession and enjoy the people I work with. The fog totally obscure any logic and can be exhausting as hell.

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    The source for me is just NOT being Tina for a while. It's pretty bad right now, but I know that if I could just be Tina for 3 or 4 days it would quiet down and I'd be happy to go back to male for a bit. I really am a yoyo about this!

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    Sometimes when work is slow and i'm free to dress 24/7 for a week or so,the pink fog gets so thick that I start to lose touch with reality.When this happens I force myself not to dress for a day or two.As for the pink fog,I actually enjoy it,but I still have to face the fact that world is still out there.

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    When we go on a trip like this we do lose sight of reality.
    It is always good to sober up and slow down before you make any life changing decisions.
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    and beauty will follow.

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    When it hits me I go shopping and try on clothes. lasts for a few days about once a month

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    I think the term "pink fog" gets used too much as an excuse, either for what you describe or for forgetting things like leaving female stuff out or forgetting to remove it when going out.

    You are, or should be, in control of your thoughts and emotions. Take charge of them and do what needs to be done.

    Taking female hormones and "getting" breasts are life changing events. You need to think seriously before starting this, not just dream about it from time to time.
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    Around here, October is the foggiest month of the year. I try to keep the fog on the outside of my head!

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    I definitely experience an intense pink fog. When I am in the fog, like you, I want to just stay a girl forever. I feel as if this is how am supposed to short, feeling pretty, innocent, EXTREMELY FEMININE(duh), very happy, sensual, etc. Everything just clicks and I do not want the fog to go away. It is amazing how different my female persona is from my male one even though there are many similarities too. It is almost if I am "acting", but it feels so real, natural, and feels like this is the real me. The fog lasts anywhere from a week to a month, then I settle down and go back to being in male mode more. Then it happens again out of nowhere . I actually enjoy this cycle, because I am able to feel the "euphoria" all over again and do not get "used" to it, even though, like I said earlier, when my girl persona is really clicking I don't ever want to leave it. Ahh...this life.

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    I get it too. It definitely seems to come and go more severely with stress, and the seasons. During a very stressful time at work, I just come home and want to escape and go into girl mode for a few days. The other trigger is when it is fall and winter and the days start to get shorter.

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