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    i once supported business concerns such as woman within. I will be hard pressed to ever shop there again due to their advertisements. This company has developed software to follow your searches and then displays this or similar merchandise on the browser and with constant popups on Chrome.

    i can clear my browser history on a regular basis or live with this.

    i decided to not make business expenditures to those that telemarket so i have expanded my boycott to include those that wish to interrupt my surfing ... what say yee?

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    I hate that also. I recently looked at some woodworking equipment on Amazon and it popped up every time I got on a web page with ads.

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    Hi JC, Sometimes that has a lot to do with your web browser.
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    There are tons of businesses whose business it is to watch what we look at and what we buy and then offer ads to us that are targeted based on what we've viewed and bought. At this point, it's essentially impossible to avoid.
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    Blue Orchid has it right. Let's say that I click on a site recommended here for clothes. Lo and behold, when I check my email, that site starts popping up in the ads around the perimeter of the email page. It eventually goes away to be replaced by their regular advertising until I click on an ad or visit some other web site that pays for this linking service. It really can be a royal pain in the ass. I went into my email settings page for Hotmail and selected the option for non-linking. So, I now get these smaller almost unnoticeable ads on the right side of the page that fortunately do not distract me from my original purpose of checking my new mail. I wish that Yahoo and the others would allow the same thing.

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    Download Ghostery for Chrome and you can turn off the trackers that make that possible. Almost every site has active trackers anymore.

    BTW, I love WW, Jessica London, Ulla Popken, OneStopPlus, etc. I kinda like getting recommendations from them, too, but understand not everyone does.

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    Yeah, I get Woman Within ads popping up on other sites. I don't much care, I get a bit of a kick out of it.

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    Narrowcasting has become as ubiquitous as broadcasting. Radio and television ads are just as invasive, except we're so used to them that we've learned to block them out. We can also learn to ignore ads on websites and we can clear our browser cache every time we close our browsers, to get rid of the targeted ads.

    Besides ... keeping the browser cache clear is a good habit to get into especially if you use the internet to buy stuff and pay your bills.

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    I agree these ads are a nuisance. Those that take over the browser I find obnoxious.

    Radio ads aren't an issue for me as the stations I listen to (CBC Radio 1 and 2) do not currently run commercials for anything other than CBC programs, and even these are almost always just before and just after the hourly news and weather at the top of the clock anywhere but Newfoundland, who get theirs at the bottom of the clock.

    As for TV ads, my favourite button on the remote is MUTE.

    I visited Corel's site wondering how much they charge for WordPerfect Office these days (considerably less than Micro$oft Office). It was a couple of months before those ads disappeared.

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    Clearing the browser does it for me.
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    Google does the same thing eventually all of my ads were for woman. After it started to daily give me adds for tampons i had enough an opted out.

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    I am not sure it is woman with in causing the pop up ads - i do think your browser is communicating you search results to the search engine owners (Google, Bing, or who ever it is) and they are giving you the pop up ads with your next use.

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