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Thread: It would look better on me!

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    this isn't really dissing women in general, it is about an outfit so keep it in that area OK? Otherwise...if it gets "personal" this will be closed.
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    I will keep this real Lorileah and not make anything personal, just as I tried to do in my original reply.

    The way I perceive a comment such as "it would look better on me" coming from a member of our tribe when compared her look to a natal female is approaching "women are jealous of how I look" territory. Not quite in the same league, just getting pretty close.

    Others have made the comment that it's not like it was said to anyone but in fact, it was. The comment was made to all of us to read and is really no different than saying "women are jealous of how I look" in these pages without saying it directly to a natal female. Not only would offense be taken but all heck would break loose as well.

    My point has been that when it comes to respect for other women out there, those who many of us take great care to emulate, those who many of us desire their understanding & empathy as well as perhaps their companionship, these comments only serve to exasperate women and drive them away...or at the very least does nothing to bring them closer.

    Care must be taken when walking so close to that line.
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    Thank you all for your insightful comments. My attempt wasn't to knock GG's but to share a humorous moment. Trust me I'm the last CD to think I could out do the real deal. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marleena View Post
    Actually I look better than your mom does in a dress!

    J/K of course! I'm surprised the bragging continued after Sara posted what she did.
    but do you look better than her dad in a dress?
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    LMAO..not going there! I wish I hadn't even seen this thread.

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    I'm just wondering - when I (or someone else here) complement a sister on her picture by saying something like 'it's not fair for a GG model to post her pictures here and pretend to be a CD', is that potentially offensive? It certainly implies that there are women who don't look as good as our sister's picture. Is that something else that I shouldn't even think and certainly shouldn't say here?

    It's not wrong... but it is forbidden!

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    Of course I've had such thoughts, and I have shared them with my spouse who has agreed with me. I'd never say something like that to a stranger!

    Furthermore, I've been in dressing rooms trying on long dresses and had GGs say "You're so lucky, I wish I was tall and could wear things like that!"

    The unfortunate fashion reality is that a lot of women's clothes are designed around tall supermodels who have minimal hips, which is what my shape is like. Of course, the supermodel won't be wearing a size 12, but the shape is the same. It is rather ironic if one thinks about it!
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    I guess I don't think that way. Women that I find attractive, I try to copy. Whatever captivates me about her, her outfit, style, figure, etc. And, then? I just try to do it! I wouldn't compare myself to them because as Sara pointed out, I cheat and am nothing more than a copycat.

    I HAVE thot I was the prettiest, or one of the prettiest "women", at a couple of vanilla events I attended over the H holidays. I won a couple of costume contests and got into the finals of the others. Does that affirm my feelings? It doesn't really matter does it? Because I cheat!

    If I find nothing striking about a woman, I don't think about her looks at all.
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    Never thought this either en femme or en male. Clothes are clothes and I play to whatever strengths I have be it a business suit for work as a boy or girl jeans for a walk out as Isha. My wife and I get a laugh every now and then when shopping for Isha in that I have to buy clothing to accentuate my lack of natural curves while she buys the opposite to tone down her natural curves. . After all it is just clothes.



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    I've said it to myself and to others and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. It is no disrespect to women. But that statement can be said about any gender. I've also seen men wearing something I like and have said the same thing. To be honest most people do not take any pride in their appearance, male or female, men dress like bums with baseball caps turned back and dirty sweatpants and women are not far behind that. And, I do get told, many times from women that I come in contact with while I am crossdressed that they are jealous of my legs and how good I look in that skirt, one girl I know said she hates me cause I looked better then her in the skirt I was wearing and that I rocked it. Why get all dressed up and looking pretty if you can't flaunt it and be proud of yourself, everybody can use a little ego boost. Some people got to lighten up a bit, enjoy life and have some fun, not everything is a federal case.

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    These days I do not feel I would think that. We are all people with feelings, and we all deserve to feel beautiful. That being said, I am sure you would both look lovely in the outfit in your own ways.

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    Do real women not think this from time to time themselves? I'm sure no one goes shopping thinking they'd never look as good as the model wearing the outfit. My SO enjoys seeing me as me and we have thought similar things once in a great while, but it's not disrespect. Only comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allesandra Rhodes View Post
    Do real women not think this from time to time themselves?
    I don't. Ever. And my body is in good shape. And I cannot imagine my friends thinking it either. We may look at another woman and notice the difference between her body and ours, such as height, weight, and build, but clothes are just clothes. It stands to reason that a mini skirt will generally look better on a slim, young woman than on a woman of middle age who is rather portly. On the other hand, the middle aged woman with curves might be more appealing in lingerie to some men than a woman who is skinner and more angular.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with the clothes and I think that anyone who thinks they look better in some clothes than some women are rather arrogant and single-minded. They're really comparing bodies and this is just as bad as saying that someone is prettier than someone else. A woman who says or thinks this would be thought vain and shallow.

    Also, CDers who think this way should compare apples to apples. If they are tall and skinny, they should compare themselves to tall and thin women. If they have big breast forms and wear waist cinchers, they should compare themselves to a woman who is well endowed and has an hourglass figure. It's so not fair to look at a woman whose natural body is different than the models in the popular media, and compare her to a male body made to look like the ideal woman with forms, pads, and corsets ... or to compare a thin body to a body with extra weight. For those of you who think like this, try to compare yourself to a woman who is built like you are after your transformation, or go ahead and compare yourselves to the woman you are looking at and imagine that she is also wearing breast enhancers and a corset.

    Sorry if this sounds snarky, but "The clothes would look better on me", or "I look better than her" is as big a pet peeve to me than "She doesn't like the CDing because she is jealous of me".

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    Maybe it is because I am a large person... maybe it is because I am a "sensitive" man... but no, I have never thought such a thing.

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