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Thread: Today is TDOR, Transgender Day of Remembrance

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    Today is TDOR, Transgender Day of Remembrance

    Lots of TG groups are getting together today for small quiet ceremonies to honor those who have perished at the hands of the vicious and ignorant. Just thought it might be applicable for those of us here to recognize that people are out there trying to change things for us. We owe them a lot.

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    Good call Lynn. And I also choose to remember one particular friend who died by her own hand, perhaps because of the viciousness & ignorance she encountered.
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    Well said Lynn Marie.

    Hugs to all my sisters


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    Indeed. Well said.

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    It was noted in my diary and I certainly paused for thought of those who are no longer among us, whatever the reason.

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    Small TDOR memorial gatherings occurred today in Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario. The candle lighting at the Human Rights Memorial in downtown Ottawa tonight was covered by a couple of TV broadcasters. I pray for our sisters who did not make it. I was lucky to come out of my suicide attempt, scarred, but very much alive. My heart goes out to those suffering alone tonight.
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    I just returned from a nice little service on the UNF campus...The deaths are saddening....
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    I lost a TG friend two months ago.

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    I heard about it. Loving all the transgender who are no longer with us.
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    great post Lynn.through this amazeing foum i have learnt of all the sensless passings of our wonderfull sisters .my heat aches for there loved ones and allso you beautifull ladies who grieve for them .Thankyou Lynn and all you beautifull soles,God Bless and stay safe ,,,Love to you all from Jacqui Renee and familly from AUSTRALIA,,,,,XXXOXXXO

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    I was at Denver's TDoR service last night, at the Jefferson Unitarian Church over in Golden. The service was sad, yet had an aura of hopefulness at the same time.

    More than 250 names were read, of those who had died in the previous year. Because there were so many names, they only lit a candle and rang a bell for every two names read, rather than every one. Even so, two tables at the front were covered with candles, and it seemed like the litany of names, places, dates, and acts of violence would never end. All those people, dead because they were "different" in a way someone else couldn't stand.

    Yet the number of allies there, and the number of organizations working to better the lives of TG people represented there, provided reason to hope. I think I managed to make a good impression on at least one GG ally there. This is in keeping with my own feelings: that if more people knew people like us, and knew about what makes us the way we are, fewer people would hate and fear us.

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    Thoughts and prayers to those who are gone, and thanks and gratitude to those who have remembered. Hugs
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