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Thread: Arrested for CD--public indecency?

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    Nov 2013

    Arrested for CD--public indecency?

    Are there verified stories of girls getting arrested for CD in public because the cop thought she was being indecent in public?

    Want to try venturing out more risque but am alittle fearful of consequences.

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    I don't know of any.... but decency is decency.... it transcends gender.... so if risque is aka indecent.... take bail money! lol
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    I can remember a time when it was illegal almost everywhere for a man to wear a skirt or a dress. All the T-girls wore women's slacks. Thank God those days are over.

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    If you are a fetish dresser keep those outfits for home.
    Dress like a tramp/hooker you will be treated like one, remember that while you are calling someone to bail you out.
    I'm all for freedom to dress the way you want but use some common sense

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    Don't wear those 6" thigh high pvc boots, mini skirt, belly shirt and hang around the red light district asking people if the want to party and you'll be ik.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sexyjean88 View Post

    Want to try venturing out more risque but am alittle fearful of consequences.
    Please don't!!! We don't need what comes from that....Wear a long coat to the fetish club and once inside,have at it!!!
    It SURE is my hair ! I have the receipt and the box it came in !

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    I live right behind a hospital and I've gone there a rare few times dressed but they told me not to go in the women's restroom or they'll get security on me.

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    While some singers like negative publicity, I try to keep CDing respectful and more mainstream otherwise everyone will think we are the same as "that CD" on youtube
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    Never had it happen to me. I walk by mall cops, and don;t appear to notice or care.

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    Looking risque in public is more of a dis service to the CD image.People think we are pervs and pedophiles already why would you want prove their image of us to be true.
    Does your wife dress that way in public? I'll bet she doesn't.

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    Tracii took the words right out of my mouth. You see you want to go out risque, you do that, but when you get arrested for it, that's another notch on the CD communities belt for even more of a bad reputation And if you give this board a bad name, then I'll be one very pissed off Admin!

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    Yes, the stonewall riots were started because of this, but that was back in 1969.

    The gay community has done a pretty effective job of whitewashing the TS/TV/CD aspect out of it, haven't they?

    It is worth noting that socially, there was little distinction between all sorts of various crossdressing and trans things back then due to how marginalized the GLBT community was.

    In recent times, though? Not really. You're more of a risk of being murdered from a random person, with the police not protecting you and the killer set free:

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    The OC
    You won't get arrested. Can't get arrested for CD.
    I don't dress to impress, I dress to outdress

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    I live in West Dorset, England.
    Over here the Police are supposed to treat and address transgendered people in the manor that they are presenting: so if I get pulled over for speeding the officer would address me as madam and treat me thus. All my encounters with the Police have seen them act impeccably I might add. As for what's a decent way to dress on the street will of course depend where you are, go out on a Saturday night in most places and you will see some pretty wild outfits worn by gg's. I have to agree though that essentially we, as a group, should be careful to portray the right image in public if we wish to be more generally accepted. Just ask what would my sister/wife/mother be wearing in this place at this time? Keep it fun though!
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    Unless the law has changed, in England(might be different in Scotland and Wales), it's not illegal to be naked in public. What will get you arrested is if you do so to deliberately offend or be sexual in your behavior, i.e. wave your man bits about at passers by. I suspect in this day and age you'd have to do something fairly extreme to get arrested just because of how you were dressed. Watch the young GG's queuing to get into a club and some of them are wearing little more than a wide belt and half a handkerchief, oh and killer heels!
    Who dares wears Get in, get out without being noticed

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    Well, Yeah! Just remember wearing white shoes with a black purse is definitely a sign of indecency and offends the finer sensibilities of many.
    Second star to the right and straight on till morning

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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    Decent is good, risque is risky.
    It has all been said.
    There was an indecent exposure case on the 50s where a guy dressed as a girl had his blouse open on the top two buttons.
    He was arrested because you could see his cleavage.
    They also thought he was a hooker.
    No charges were laid and times have changed a little.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    I am of the notion here that it is best to act decently while in public due to the general idea of CD's in the first place as it has been stated here already, and for risque attire and actions I'd highly advise private residences and parties instead. We really do not want to be set back in everyone's thoughts on crossdressing because we are misrepresented so PLEASE do not do anything rash...
    With Love and Affection, Allison Leslie

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    You didn't indicate how "risque" you want to be, but this is the sort of thing that gives crossdressers a bad reputation. You also didn't indicate what country or what state you live in. Laws are not the same all over the world.

    Dress appropriately and you'll be fine. Leave the hooker outfit in the closet.
    [SIGPIC] 0356[/SIGPIC]Linda

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    love the Kate Bush quote....had almost forgotten that Kate

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    Sep 2013
    Back in the ol' smoke, England
    Many years ago, when attending a live performance of 'The Rocky Horror Show', I was nearly arrested because the policeman thought I was a prostitute!
    People try to put us down
    Just because we get around

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    I fairly sure if a cop would arrest a GG who is dressed as a hooker, he would certainly arrest a man in a dress who looked like a hooker. In my locale there are street signs posted alerting hookers that it is a hooker free zone. That means, if you have been arrested as a hooker you are barred from being on the streets there. Of course, the police will stop and make inquiries of women or men who appear to be hookers.

    Yes, take bail money if you're going to walk the streets. Otherwise, wear a long coat or call a cab to go to a club.

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    Senior Member Janet Bern's Avatar
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    New Jersey
    My suggestion is that you should dress modestly and you wont have a problem at all
    There are plenty of us around that are never noticed as a CD and if they dont pass
    well are for the most part ignored.
    Dress to blend

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    Come and talk with me ;) Briana90802's Avatar
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    Long Beach, CA
    Actually it depends on where you live. But legally if you're not showing any brain things should be fine. Also west Hollywood after dark I'm sure you'll fit in with all the clubbing GGs and and dances.
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    I had a incident with the police while dressed a couple of years ago. It turned out fine , ultimately didn't matter how I was dressed and I was actually dressed like and the cop did at first think I was a it's kind of a funny story, ill post about it sometime. I wouldn't go to the mall dressed like that but something I just feel like being out I the work looking a little trashy. And I think that's fine so long as you are careful where you go. The obvious choice would be appropriately themed club. But what if you can only dress during the day ? Which was usual the case for me. I would go to an " adult shop"
    Now I am 100% straight , and not into sex toys or anything like that and normally wouldn't go to a place like that. But when I am in the mood to dress like that it seems the perfect place to go. I browse the lingerie ect. But you have to expect that you might get hit on and that some people will assume you are a hooker. But over all you should be fine as long as you are not walking around town dressed like that. A short skirt and thigh high boot don't seem all that out of place in a store that sells them lol , good luck

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