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Thread: My First Full CD... (Halloween Outfit that didn't get used)

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    My First Full CD... (Halloween Outfit that didn't get used)

    Ok. This is a bit of a post redo actually. Found the pic specs, got all resized,recropped..hopefully good enough now.

    So this is a "new" one to put my first-time CD (inside) pics out and tell the story behind them.

    A bit of a caveat...While I wanted to, I wasn't actually able to use this on Halloween.. (work and other issues really messed up my holiday).
    I'd planned for and had a (mostly) full setup of makeup and so forth too.
    halfway regret not doing it too.. perfectionist in me is now glad I didn't (since I didn't get makeup practice) but other half still would've liked it...)
    (also... it's a 12 hour workshift.. how well do foundations work with beards for that amount of time?? but I digress)

    The pictures I took at that time was from a vid I was doing to test the look of a few wigs.. and just to see how I looked
    It wasn't the full outfit (forgot the apron) and at that time I didn't put any makeup on.
    So... post-Halloween I did a full run. This amounts to is literally the very first time I attempted makeup. Different glasses as well-did wig test with older thinner-wired glasses.. forgot about that and had my thicker ones on. Not a best match for the effect. Will have to think further next time to eye doctor..getting frames that might suit better. (I've tried but can't wear contacts).

    Over all of this I found out several things.
    1: Boy, makeup is a challenge... I was on a bit of a time limit when i did it so couldn't really clear off, make corrections,etc.
    I figured out a lot for later runs. Some specifics (need sharper,more precise pencils for brows,and eye and lip lining and lip shape) really showed out in what needs to be worked on. Have to figure out the mouth for the majority it unfortunately accented my downward corners and made me look "scowly" (not helped later in the presentation side I was worrying more about the camera stuff and so forth instead of getting some good smiles in). Even when I did smile it is really thrown off from all the makeup mismatches.
    2: Can definitely see where the artistry in makeup is. Had issues with color...turns out the foundation+powder I had technically is a bit lighter than a proper match to my skin. In fact some pics really look outright pale. (especially on the ones taken with flash). I do have a bit of colorblindness, and matching colors is a bit rougher. Hard to match things in the regular store shelves when buying the makeup. Also on color..cripes the flourescents I have in the house mess things up worse. Not only in the way I'm yellowed in visible while putting it on, but it's so bad my camera can't correct for it. I tried to rework the color levels in the pictures... but then turns out other colors are blotchy (in original photo raws) due to issues with the next item....
    3: I need a new camera. It's got focus issues. And light balance issues. You'll see one real good bright pic (took a few with flash..too many 'meh' shots). It worked ok from flash. But others from more vid-work wasn't so hot. Color blotchiness.
    4: Really needed to plan my pictures and posing. And camerawork..ended up finding out that I was mis-zoomed in the vids I took. Too much clipped off for most shots (doh). That's what I get for rushing things. (had a half hour after to clean up and head into work).
    5: I need better outfits. Sure this was neat to play with...but it's a maid's outfit/costume. Need to work up proper sizing and maybe do a trip somewhere to find something more "normal". The costumey-aspect is fun, but want to see what I can do with regular wear.
    6: Gotta get back on the treadmill. With the size issues not perfectly showed that I had been away from exercise. Usually get some regular walking in (~4 mile a day) but been distracted. And gotta get away from sodas. That'll shrink me down quickly. (and I took a swig of a Pepsi as I typed this bad Kacey... )

    Overall... like anything... practice,practice,practice is needed... When not being used to try to fully "present" the image I have to find an inner model and get going.
    Still, it was neat to do for a literal "first time" for the whole thing.
    Now..for the pics. A couple before the failed Halloween, and a couple rare smile'd ones w/makeup.

    Outfit-without makeup. (and without apron

    Yeah, legs are my strong point

    And from later one with the first not-so good-makeup done (still forgot maid head frill)

    bad color balance

    makes me look like I've got a conspiracy going on. Kind of the "I know something you don't" look....

    Finally worked once..(flash and good color balance and a smile) ( this stage the legs are the best part of it all ^_^)

    Man that flash though really brought out the mismatched face color..kind of scary.

    Anyway, will work on things a bit more, both camera and posing (and smiling) skills and come up with something better down the line. (and with a better made up face hopefully...
    So there ya go. Sorry for another way-too-long write-up..
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    Nice legs!

    It's not wrong... but it is forbidden!

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    Very cute costume and it looks good on you too. At least you did get dressed. Don't worry about the makeup. Just practice some and then practice some more. The lipstick is the easiest, small strokes for the eyebrows and less is definitely better, use neutrals for your first eye shadow attempts so that any errors are less noticeable. It really doesn't take much to just smooth out your complexion a little and add the minimal highlights. Thanks for sharing.

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    I think the bottom picture is the best.

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    It is a nice quality outfit and the color balance can be easily skewed by the lighting and camera settings, as you realise.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    You look very nice; My wife had me wear something similar last year for Halloween to hand
    out candy to the kids. Got a lot of complements, and it was fun.

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