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Thread: OK. Any CD Resolutions For The New Year?

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    OK. Any CD Resolutions For The New Year?

    I normally don't make resolutions. I can probably count on one hand all of the resolutions of any kind that I have made in the past. I've probably failed at 80% of the 4 or 5 resolutions that I've made. I've never made and CD type resolutions.

    OK, I'll start. I figured this year, what the heck. Actually, I've been thinking about it for quite some time. My resolutions for 2014 are:

    1) I'm going to get my look totally together and venture out in public at least once. I don't know if the "public" place I'll go to will be a mall or something as daring as that, or maybe just a TG friendly club or bar. Whatever I decide on I'll make this happen at least once to get my feet wet and to see if "this" is for me or not.

    2) I'm going to try and find a local support group (if they are still around) and attend at least one meeting and see how it goes. I'm not sure if the local one in my area is still around. If my local one is not around, I'll try and find another one in my vicinity and attend that if it is not too far away.

    OK. Those are mine and it will be a big deal for me if I make either or both of them happen, which I'm going to do everything I can to make them happen.

    What are yours?

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    1) going to get dressed and go out into public....
    2) meet a "friend" for a dress up play date
    3) finally Kiss another GURL...
    Maybe all the same day...

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    ha ha Debbie ,,,I LOVE your resolution!

    1. Lose a few more pounds to get back to my original cd weight
    2. Perfect my skills with makeup, better than before my last purge.
    3. Meet lots of new cd's,and travel to cd functions,clubs,parties etc
    4. Get back out dressed again

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    1. New face
    2. Get the proper downstairs plumbing finally
    3. Get divorced
    4. Have an actual date with a man.
    5. Finally lose *all* my guilt over my gender issues.

    Not necessarily in that order. #2, in particular, is a stretch for 2014.

    I know this isn't really CD stuff, and is mostly TS stuff, but I hope you ladies will indulge me a little bit and not mind my input.

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    1) Lose the 40lbs I gained back after getting down to a very nice 175 lbs for my 5'10 frame a couple of years ago. Gee dresses fit so well then and no man belly
    2) Get a very nice set of breast forms
    3) Get two wigs one to match my regular hair color and the other slightly dirty blonde or light brown.
    4) Buy some heeled boots or booties

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    1 Lose 35 pounds so I can get back in my size 12 dresses
    2 Get my nose fixed (Broke it in looks like I went 12 rounds with the Champ)
    3 Get out dressed more in normal daytime venues

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    Hmmm.. Guess mine would be:
    1: expand wardrobe (I like resolutions that are easy to do.. )
    2: continue my excersizes,keeping off of sodas to work my belly down more
    3: get makeup skills/look down pat
    4: get out somewhere en femme
    5: maybe try to meet up with a local group.

    That about covers it..
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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.

    Dress MORE!
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    Mine are pretty simple.... minus 2 inches on my waist line (back corseting again full time) and plus one cup size on my breasts....
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    My resolution would have to be in two parts. First I want to get a new high quality wig that is more passable than the one im working with until my natural hair is long enough to work with. And secondly to spend more time developing and practicing my teen makeup skills. Ive recently been spending a lot of time with an old friend who is a stylist and decided to become a lesbian after high school. She shares an apartment with her girlfriend who is also a cosmetologist, and the three of us sit up all night playing with makeup and our hair. I freaking love the beautiful little clothes they give me, and the free makeup they provide me with. They have taught me so many amazing things about beauty just by dressing me up like a real college girl would and doing my makeup and hair. (Who ever said learning couldnt be fun?)

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    1. For the 7th year and running now. Go out in public and join a group. I have a feeling this will finally be the year!
    2. For the 5th year and running. Finnish electrolysis.... Another repeat from every past year.
    3. Get back down to my fighting weight! Need to drop around 10-15 pounds, that's probably going to be the hardest part!
    4. Another repeat from every past year. Stand up in my pics on a consistent basis, maybe buy a camera made after 2003, learn different poses. Not holding my breath on any of these.

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    Let's see.

    Tell more friends so I don't have to worry about hiding my crossdressing at all times.

    Go out in public for the first time.

    Post a pic on here! (It's such a small thing, but I'm still really nervous about it).

    Win the lottery so I can afford all the clothes I could possibly want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Msora View Post
    Win the lottery so I can afford all the clothes I could possibly want.
    I was about to say I don't do resolutions because they seldom work out. However, upon reading the above post.................

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    This is going to be the year of truth for me. To myself and others.

    I've already started. I admitted to myself and my wife my CD. So next is telling others.
    I want to get to the point of going to my favorite restaurant by the end of the year.

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    Get laser.
    Get my teeth done.
    Lose my virginity.
    Build up the courage to fix that cracked drainpipe on the back wall. I will NOT break a nail. I will NOT!

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    I like to think of them as resolutions for myself instead of just CD. Even then, I don't tend to make resolutions for January 1, these just happen to fall in place for next year.

    1. Finish up regular electrolysis. There will probably always be touch-ups of some level but I want to be done with the recurring appointments.
    2. Figure myself out. To this point, I have just let myself do what I wanted and it has been a good path. It is probably time to draw the line on or figure out who I am.
    3. Exercise more. I have let work get in the way so my exercise has been erratic. Work should be calming down, so I need to put this back in the forefront. I am not getting younger....
    4. Love and support my family. Nothing new here, but I always want it on any list I do as I don't ever want to lose sight of them.

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    "venture out in public at least once" - triple dog dare, thats like just eating just one potatoe chip - betcha can't venture out just once, probably more like every chance you get it's very addicting

    My new years resolution is to empty my house of all my grown offspring and create some space and time for my other self - I have new clothes that have never seen the light of day .........................Debra

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    1) See a therapist, have already made an appointment.

    2) Decide where I'm going from here, stay at the same level, quit or move to the next logical step on my journey.

    3) Have more fun with this!

    4) Get out more when the urge strikes.
    I enjoy being a boy, being a GIRL like me!!!

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    i'm a Pacific North West gurl that has lived in a few other places, but i always find my way back.
    My big resolution for this year is to develop a better walk in heels. I need to be able to do a nice fem sexy walk. now i can walk, but it's not a nice sexy fem walk.

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    depending on how sexy i'm feeling, my resolution is either..

    MORE cross-dressing!!


    LESS cross-dressing!

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    My CD Resolutions For The New Year is to start dating men/woman or both again and try an come out of the very closed closet that I am in.

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    Let's see, here's mine: Attend a trans woman's meeting at the local lgbt center. Go to an affirming church (en femme). Go to St. Louis' Mardi Gras (en femme). Be more active and post more frequently on here. And perhaps get my ears pierced.
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    I only have one for the new year, and that is to find a regular outfit, that I like and looks good on me. Maybe losing ten pounds would not hurt either.

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    1. Get the chest hair zapped for good and gone forever.

    2. Get out there in the dating world, and deal with finding a woman who can deal with this side of me. This is not going away....ever. My family and friends already know this side of me, and that battle is won and done.

    3. Wean myself off my fast food addiction. Right now, I'm a Sonic Drive-in addict.

    4. Buy more guys' clothes because my girls' clothes now outnumber my guys' clothes...........Oh wait! never mind.

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    Mine are to just add to the dressing by getting some tall heeled boots. Would like to get to dress more. Maybe meet another CD dressed or not, to satisfy my wondering what it would be like.

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