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Thread: Are you a different driver when dressed?

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    I drove in drag for the first time about 25 years ago. It was the strangest feeling. I had hip pads and heels on for the first time so I had to readjust the seat, mirrors and such to accommodate my physical change . I still remember the feeling, that I felt so much physically smaller in the same seat that I usually set in every day. The dynamics of pads, breasts, waist cincher, tape, nails, makeup, wig and dress changed my perspective of the whole driving experience. I drove differently for sure and every time there after while in the fem mode.

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    It depends on my cup size.....

    Fastening my seat belt across my padded bra always brings a smile to my face,
    reminding me of the first time I put a seat belt on when dressed.
    My 2 sisters that were with me laughed at that, as I now found out what it was like for them too.

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    I haven't driven out dressed yet, but I'm sure I would be much more conservative. I'm usually a fast and aggressive driver, but when Karen is out, it'll be more a joyride. Definitely won't be yelling at other drivers.

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    I Googled "crossdresser driving" - just curious. Of course someone posted their CD experience driving. Very uneventful - but somehow reminded me how much fun it is to drive dressed.

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    Only when I wear heels....Takes skill to drive a 6-speed in heels lol. Don't you love it when you see a hot chick driving a sports car

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