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Thread: The Purge Pt 2 The cost, The guilt, the lonelyness

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    The Purge Pt 2 The cost, The guilt, the lonelyness

    I sit here today and just wanna cry when I realize how much of my cd clothes I have purged , its been well over 1000 dollars do any of you miss your stuff and wish you had it back? do you ever get sad over all the stuff you remember you once had now you dont

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    I have purged a number of times and I do miss a certain pair of heels but for the most part it is only a monetary regret that lingers. I have vowed not to purge again and pray i can keep that vow.

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    Purging is always a bad idea! Learn by it! I did; or at least hope I did!
    If you don't like the way I'm livin', you just leave this long haired country girl alone:

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    Funny, but I think the only way to learn not to purge is to do it a few times. Eventually you'll figure out how crappy it makes you feel and either be OK with yourself or do something else to vent the frustration like bag it up and stuff it in a far corner of the attic.

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    If anyone wants to "PURGE" just put all your things into a box or two and put them in the
    Attic or basement, or a Friends house. You can even rent a small storage locker.
    Then when you want to UN-Purge, just reopen the box. It is a lot cheaper and easer.

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    I agree. Never purge. Just put the best of your wardrobe in a safe hidden place. You will never be able to know when the desire to dress will be so compelling that you won't be ale to resist it.

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    When I do a wardrobe cleanout, it goes in bags for about twelve months and if I do not need it then......
    "Out it goes!"

    Purge for shame or other interests..... "Never!"
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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