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Thread: A question for the more "mature " ladies: pierced ears

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    Deanna Lee MeDeanna's Avatar
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    Smile A question for the more "mature " ladies: pierced ears

    I do not have pierced ears for earrings. Since I am older I was wondering if most of the older ladies have pierced their ears so late in life. When I was growing up boys didn't do that.

    Does it hurt? Wife says no but since hers were done at 13 I'm not sure she remembers.

    I am seriously dying to wear earrings.

    Thanks to all.

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    Junior Member Stephania's Avatar
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    I am 56 and just go my pierced on Jan. 2.

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    Aspiring Member MsRenee's Avatar
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    Doesnt hurt at all.

    Go for it girl. Youll never look back.


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    Kim L of S. Texas Kimberly Long's Avatar
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    Go for it. I had my done at age 70, 4 years ago. I love them so much better than clip on. I does not hurt
    Love Kimberly

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    I have been wanting to, I think it would be to much for my wife right now.
    Last year me and my wife were out to dinner and next to us was a man in his 80's and a young man in his 30 and his wife, the man in his 80 had just had his ears pierced and the young man was giving him a bad time. The old man told him he had been in two wars, and had earn the right to do what ever he want to do. The young man was quite for the rest of the meal. I don't know what the relationship between the two men was. I did make a interesting night.

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    I got my ears pierced about 10 years ago. It doesn't hurt or if it does it is less than a bee sting, not a big deal. If you do it follow directions and don't go and remove the studs and put in earrings early. You need to heal fully. It is hard not to do this, I know but you don't want to be trying to get an earring through untill your slow healing ear is fully healed. Sherrii

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    Since my wife doesn't like me to CD, I won't cross that line. However if she were to pass away before me I will have our wedding rings and her engagement ring setting melted down into gold studs and will then get my ears pierced and wear them. That way she'll always be physically with me in some small way.
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    Dana Fleming

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    Emerging Diva Nikki A.'s Avatar
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    I had mine done in my 50s. The pain is minimal and I wear a stud in each ear in drab. No regrets no issues. In fact I had someone my age admit to me (probably not a CD) that he thought about it but didn't have the nerve.

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    Member Mistyjo's Avatar
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    I got mine done 15 years ago did not hurt at all


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    Member herwannabe's Avatar
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    I did my own ears bout five yrs ago at 55 and it didnt hurt all that much
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    Happy to be me!! S. Lisa Smith's Avatar
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    You will be fine. I had mine done when I was 55.

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    Doing It Both Ways Paulacder's Avatar
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    I definately fall into the "Mature" category. I had my ears pierced about 8 years ago. I thought people would stare at me when wearing earrings, was I ever wrong. It has allowed me to express my feminine side very openly. if I feel that girly urge comming on I just put in a pair pearl studs and go about my business of the day. It's odd but after a while you will forget you are wearing earrings. Almost second nature

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    I'm 40, so I don't know if you'd consider me older however I'll weigh in, it depends how you get it done, at the mall kiosk with a gun, a hard pinch and then some pressure, not much beyond that, if you get it done at a piercing shop, it's actually less painful, but takes a little longer, so that can make some people anxious ...
    Jamie Dee

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    *~Plain-Vanilla TG Girl~*
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    I did one of mine when I was 17....(mid 50's now)
    Then the other when I was around 30 or so. But, that
    one healed up closed and I had to redo it about 3
    months ago.

    Of course you don't need/want to DIY...I got lucky
    that mine came out nicely...but there are plenty
    of places to get it done quick and painlessly.

    I'd go for a place that uses higher quality metals
    like niobium or titanium. Those can make it less of
    a maintenance problem and heal better/faster.

    Neither of those metals react with the human body.
    Surgical steel, or even low carat golds, can with some
    people...and you never know til you're days into it.

    Being able to wear earrings is Nice!

    - Kate

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    Platinum Member Beverley Sims's Avatar
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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    No more than a needle prick I believe.
    A lot safer now than twenty years ago.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    Isn't Life Grand? AllieSF's Avatar
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    I am another late in life piercer. Had mine done 4+ years ago. My daughter hated them and probably still does. My son didn't say anything about them at first, but I learned from my daughter that he didn't like Dad with pierced ears either, and he once had his ears pierced plus he has a few tattoos nicely hidden. I like the war veteran's talk to the younger man. I told everyone that I somehow passed my mid-life crisis without knowing about it, so now I am just trying to catch up. Next on the list when I find the right design and/or phrase to use is to get one or more small tattoos. This is my time in life and I really can do what I want with minimal explanation. If someone has a problem with it, it is their problem and they have to learn how to live with it, not me!

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    Member biggirlsarah's Avatar
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    Had mine done at 46 similar to having an injection, sharp scratch, that's as painful as it's going to get , although the rewards far outweigh the discomfort , got a huge collection of earrings now, you go for it girl , do it today or tomorrow you never know what's on the horizon, love and hugs Sarah xx

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    Silver Member Angela Campbell's Avatar
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    I am 55 and did it 2 weeks ago. Felt like someone pinching the ear a little. Over in about 3 minutes including paying for it. No pain at all.
    All I ever wanted was to be a girl. Is that really asking too much?

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    I had my first one done when I was about 20 yrs old professionally then after a while I could not see much point in just having one done ,it felt unbalanced so I done the other one myself, sines then I have put in more myself and now have three in each ear , if it had hurt I would not have done it myself but then they do say " no sense no feeling" so that might account for it not hurting

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    Junior Member Laura M's Avatar
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    Got mine pierced about 8 months ago. Didn't hurt much at all, about like pinching your earlobe with a fingernail. I wear studs daily, and break out the dangly ones or hoops when I dress. I've had no negative comments from anyone about them. So I say go for it.

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    Claire Claire Cook's Avatar
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    Had mine done at 65 and no problems.. The studs tingled for a couple of days, but I rinsed them with salt water and that went away. I just couldn't wait to put real earrings in!
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    If you're not 'out' and don't want to be, perhaps stick to the magnetic versions at first; cheap on ebay, and there are all sorts of clip on adapters to create virtually any design from pierced version into either clip or magnet. Oh, and use a larger magnet for the backing even if the front of the earring is small; it lessens the pressure/sq inch on the earlobe.
    Some causes of crossdressing you've probably never even considered: My TG biography at:
    There's an addendum at post # 82 on that thread, too. It's about a ten minute read.
    Why don't we understand our desire to dress, behave and feel like a girl? Because from childhood, boys are told that the worst possible thing we can be, is a sissy. This feeling is so ingrained into our psyche, that we will suppress any thoughts that connect us to being or wanting to be feminine, even to the point of creating separate personalities to assign those female feelings into.

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    My ears are not pierced, though at times I really wish they were. The selection of earrings is just so much better for pierced ears than for ears that require clip on earrings. Unfortunately having pierced ears in my professional life would not work out very well. Sometimes I just want to shake up societal norms!

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    Lots of threads on this in beauty section...
    My own story tho...48-and first piercings was last...June? I ferget.
    Now I've got second pair of holes in ears 7 weeks ago.
    No big thing really...a kerchunk, brief owie (like a shorter "shot") and just keeping studs in and cleaned for the healing 6weeks. No big issue on the male side either...
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    Exploring NEPA now Cheryl T's Avatar
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    I'm in the age group and had mine done (double in each ear) 10 years ago.
    Did it hurt...NO. I had it done at a Piercing Pagoda in the mall and they used the 'gun' and starter earrings. It was over in a second and no worse than if someone had pinched me.
    Hardest part, as others said, was keeping the starters in till the "tunnels" formed and I could remove them. Now I wear studs in the uppers all the time and add what ever I feel like in the lowers. Usually that's 1/2" gold hoops in drab and whatever my outfit and mood dictates when dressed.
    Just sorry I didn't do it decades ago...
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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