Soo~ Hello everybody! Hope you all had a happy holiday ^-^ So~ an update after a while of no-posts (I've been busy with school and stuff so eek). After the holidays I went shopping with my GF and bought myself a new outfit which I absolutely love, but on top of that, I got myself a wig! I am super happy with it (although it took a bit of finagling to get the thing styled how i wanted it). That covers the new do part, as for the ohmigod part...

So I have a few photos saved from my dressing up to show my GF while she's away. I sent them to her and the files were still on my computer. I forgot to delete them. whilst mid-conversation with my little brothers (ages 12, 13, and 14) the middle of the 3 mentions my crossdressing nonchalantly. I realize he ran across the files. I quickly cover him up and just give him the "we'll talk later" look and he recognizes it immediately. He shuts up quick enough for nobody to realize what he said. I talked to him and it turns out he's very cool with it, he even thought it looked good... SOOO my mini-heart attack was for naught and I have another person behind me ^-^

That's my life right now and I'll update everybody sometime soon, love you all~
-Daria Lee