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Thread: Facing the young in the family

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    Facing the young in the family

    So how you girls felt to face the young people in the family for the first time,someone who always thought as you are the hero or macho ,how difficult and shy was to it face them as a girl or show yourself as a girl to them?

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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    I have never shared it with any children.
    I consider it an adult activity.
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    Hard to keep my life adult when I am transitioning. My step nieces and nephews call my Uncle Lori. No problem
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    Quite easy actually, so cool to be a girl at home with them.
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    We have 18 in our family and all know from ages 61 down to 3 months, one has known me for 40 years one other who is 12 spent a lot of time with us and theres nothing she does not know about myself the others over the last some 9 years see me allmost every week and the rest of family have spent some time with me at home on outings or birthdays and most family life that takes place, our children 3 of, 34 to 36 years,


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    I've found children to be very accepting in a disconnected way. That is to say, I haven't shared anything with my own. But, that really has more to do with the ex and her reaction that my fear of the kids. I'll follow this thread with interest to hear other's perspectives.

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    Well none have seen me in person dolled up but have seen the pics from my childhood with my sisters to adulthood now.
    I am treated as their uncle and never shied away from any questions that they have.
    I never felt uncomfortable being honest with them.

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