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Thread: Difference betwween saying and doing - Meeting mum for first time

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    Difference betwween saying and doing - Meeting mum for first time

    Well after much talk over text and phone, my mother and I meet the girl she raised... Me

    This will happen a week from today. She even wants me to stay the night.

    This for me is a big deal, because its mum its my hero, so don't want to let her down.

    Want to get everything right from top to toe. Don't want to disappoint or let her down. Don't want to over do it.

    So excited, so very very worried about her and reaction.

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    Hi Danii,

    What a great feeling it must be to be able to finally introduce yourself to your mom. It sounds like a great time and I am sure you will be lovely and you will both have a great time. Don't forget to let us know how it goes.



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    Dress like you Mum normally dresses - but for your age. Even though it sounds like this will be a great day for both of you, don't wear something that will invite criticism.
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    I think it just comes down to the fact some women are open to things and some are not. It would be presumptuous to think all are not.

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    Great! Have a wonderful day! Take a deep breath before you walk in and just be Danii!

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    It seems clear to me by the fact that your mom is willing to meet you that it really does not matter all that much what you wear to meet her - she will love you anyway. What a great mother you have! May not be wise to show up in a skin tight club dress and fishnets though!

    Congrats and enjoy yourself!
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    I am so pleased moms wanting to meet her girl. I look forward to hearing all about the visit

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    You are so lucky! My mother suffers from elderly dementia, and often doesn't recognize me in male mode. She never got to meet the daughter she never knew. I used to love shopping with her when I was young, but we never got to do it as mother and daughter. Enjoy your experience.

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    That is so wonderful, Danii. I'm sure you and your Mum will have a great day. Make your Mum proud.

    Christen x
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    and rightdoing there is a field.
    I'll meet you there.” - Rumi.

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    Cool, so are you girls planning on going out for tea or something special?
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    Congrats, you'll be fine.
    The first time I walked into my parents house I expected the world to end. When I saw the look on their faces, I instantly felt at ease, and knew I would go well. It did.

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    Danii, just dress like a nice girl, stay calm, and be yourself, mom already loves you, so you are safe.
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    I wish you well, I hope you do get it right.
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    That is great- hope things go well

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    Wow, this is fantastic, I hope it goes really well for you both xx
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    Thank you all, So many thoughts going inside my brain.
    Your tips and hints have been fantastic. She and I are having a nice quiet meal at home together. I will bring over her favourite wine to help loosen up both of us
    When we first spoke about it, I apologised for borrowing her clothes as a teen, she didn't bat an eye lid and says you did a great job in hiding it.

    As she wants me to stay the night will buy some pretty nightwear, and then in morning, maybe subtle suggest we do some Saturday morning shopping.

    Thank you ladies, I hope to show off my night to you all
    I like to make new friends, look for Daniella Carr on Facebook

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