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Thread: Supportive Wives -- so lucky

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    Hi kelly,
    The aspects of a positive relationship can never be underestimated. I speak from the experience of having past relationships that were nothing short of disasters, and that is in sharp contrast of my life today with a wonderful supporting partner. I believe crossdressing in the home on a regular basis has brought my wife and I closer together as a couple.

    I too just discovered the Neutrogena wipes, and like them.

    Makeup; for me it is a daunting task that deserves much study. I hope I can master it, because I need all the help I can get. I just went in for a professional makeup session with a wonderful mentor and was amazed what a professional could do with my face! I learned a lot, and the cost was reasonable.

    Having a partner who loves you and is willing to help you with your needs is priceless. Good luck on this path.

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    I consider myself extremely lucky too. My wife knew after our 2nd or 3rd date about me. I threw all cautiion to the wind to be totally honest with her. That was back around 1987. She has been nothing but supportive since then. Often she comes home with some shopping surprises for me. She thinks nothing of it. We're still good friends with a couple where "John" made a full transition. What really blew my mind was a conversation with my sister-in-law. She told me the whole family knew about me from the early days. They never said anything and were always awesome in the way they treated me. I'd love to know how they found out but no one will say. Probably my nasty ex-wife. It's a small town. But for me, in gratitude for my wifes acceptance and support, I bend over backwards to make her life the best it can be. That involves trust, financial stability, the freedom to be who she is and enjoy doing what she does. She deserves all of that.

    I feel very bad for any girls here who have difficult circumstances. My first marriage was hell for me.

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    I am also lucky to have a supportive wife, not only will go out with me (couple times a year) but does buy me some surprises from time to time or ask if I need anything when we are out shopping. (I do get my own stuff too, but fun to shop together!)
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