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Thread: The Balancing Act

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    The Balancing Act

    Living life as a hetero male the instances of female thought, and then course of action taken is a balancing act. Complimenting a female associate on how nice she looks today is usually well received. Complementing the skills used in eye liner and eye shadow results a questionable reaction. Men don't do that, why is this guy doing so? Choosing your words carefully becomes a balancing act. Those jeans look hot can get you terminated for sexual harassment, while looks like nice fabric in those jeans is perceived as weird for a guy. Looking at the figure and form but not to long is the norm. Try to avoid being perceived as lecher otherwise. How do you handle the balancing act?

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    I allow people to think I am weird. I complement clothes, and makeup, and nails, and accessories. But I try to do it the same way a female would to a female, so that I don't come off as I am harassing them. Most people give me the look of "oh god, he is so gay!" But whatever, I don't care. I know who and what I am and it does not matter if they don't. What matters is that I try and allow me to be me and be a polite respectful person, even though I appreciate traditionally feminine things. I think that while it might be perceived as odd by some, the vast majority of people appreciate a nice sincere complement, whoever it comes from.

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    Easy Sam. I speak honestly and from the heart. Women pick up on sincerity.
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    One of my tutors, She was wearing VS pink, another student ask about the pink in big letters on her outfit, I jump in with it a VS brand, they both look at me at the same and said how do you know. I said my wife has that brand. It was a good save, Yes you have to be careful, doing think that men just don't do can cause problems.

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    I look at it this way...making comments about someone's appearance has nothing to do with work so I stick to how the weather is. Doesn't matter if it is for a male or female. The only exception is if the person dressed up for a special occasion and then you can generally tell them they look good...going in to specifics is a bit odd because it means you are paying too much attention to something that is a perceived as a private matter to them.

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    I am a straight out lecher usually.

    From my photographic viewpoint and telling girls they are photogenic is a skill I have "tried" to master over the years.

    I start off with lots of disclaimers and engage the subject in unrelated topics first.

    I have even chatted up top models and then we both laugh about it as I fall on my "ass".

    "Oh! Lord it's hard to be humble"......

    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    Hi Sam, You really have to watch what you say these days because every one thinks that they are a victim .
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

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    Complementing a female co-worker on her appearance nowadays is a bad idea. While you are sincere and do not mean anything by it, it can be misinterpreted and end you up in hot water. Many years ago when I was young and about to transition from school to the workforce they told us over and over and over again it was something you just do not do, it opens you up to liability and it just isn't worth it. Like Blue Orchid said, many people think they are victims nowadays and are just looking to be offended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beverley Sims View Post
    ........"Oh! Lord it's hard to be humble"......
    When you're perfect in every way?

    I once mentioned to the office manager that she had made a good match of a colour in her blouse and her nail polish. She was taken aback, as she hadn't realised that she had done this. A lucky draw so to speak. It does throw a bit of a curve ball for them though, so I tend to avoid doing it now .

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