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    I'm away from home for work again. When I returned to my motel room this evening I saw the bra that I had left out, whoops!
    I have tomorrow off and plan to have a sleep in, so will take breakfast in my room. I went to reception to place my breakfast order and the female manager asks me if I have another person staying in my room.
    I immediately firmly said with a slight smile, "no, it's mine", without stating 'what' was mine. She looks back at me for a second not sure whether to believe me or not. She didn't say any more other than to ask me if I wanted wholemeal bread for my toast and that she will bring a fresh pot of milk for my plunger coffee!

    I couldn't deny it was mine as I wasn't going to pay the extra $10/night for another person!
    I did take a quick look at the room just as I was leaving, but didn't notice the bra, (in a hurry, almost running late). My wife would say I only had a boys look!
    Silly me.

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    I think My first question would have been whats makes you think there is another person in the room.

    Then they have to explain why before you give an answer. Most hotels have seen it all and don't care as long as they are not losing money.

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    Hi Amari, That was funny I can just imagine what she was thinking.
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

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    That confuses the hell out of them..
    Obviously you were lying by saying the bra was yours.

    Who was the woman you had in your room?

    "Fess up and pay the ten bucks.
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    I would have asked why and if she said they found a bra I would have said oh that is my sling shot.
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    Left a pair of knickers in my hotel room, must have fallen behind the pillow or something after I had a stack of clothes out for a photo shoot one night. It was only as I got into bed the next night, that I found that they had been neatly folded and placed under my pillow. They sure as hell weren't there in the morning when I got up.

    They were a pretty and lacy pair, so at least it showed I have some class. I've checked out of there en femme so it's not like I would deny it anyway.

    Flying high under the spell of life!

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    I like the OP's quik answer... Still 'leaves a little to the imagination', without really admitting anything!!
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    You should have slipped it on with your forms, if you use them, before going to place your order. Question would never been asked. You were out of town, would have been fun to let the staff see the other you ha ha.
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    maybe the question was more "what would you and your overnight guest want for breakfast?" Do they really charge per person anymore? The only place I have ever seen that is ski resorts when people try and pack 10 people in a room. Why would they charge more? You could as a single mess up both double beds. I like your being upfront but the answer was "No."

    (Besides maybe you had a friend come over and stop at your room before you went to dinner and her bra was bothering her and...." This is a classic "nunya" scene. Now I have this image of a hotel detective with his ear to your door
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    lol.... Never had a hotel ask me that before.... When I leave for the day all my fem clothes are hung up.... or in drawers... shoes in the closet... makeup case open on the counter... anyone coming into the room would have a hard time finding anything male....
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    I never feel the need to explain anything. You only had to say simply that it is only you... I think they would have some real explaining to do if they claimed they searched your room and found two sets of clothing, I don't think they have the right to do that. When I rent a room, I always put the do not disturb sign and if they enter my room anyways they hear from me about it. Saves them effort and everything is always exactly where I left it.

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    my guess is that the staff simply wanted to know if they were making breakfast for two instead of one. while it would be humorous, it's highly unlikely that the manager you spoke to knew anything about the bra.

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